Old School-ROBLOX High School

Hi there fellow Meep owners, WoodReviewer here. Now, if you also own a Meep who is recovering from severe wood grain related depression, please have them leave the room. Today I am going to be taking a look at ROBLOX High School by Cindering and friends. Sorry if I come off as a little odd in this review, but I never enjoyed my high school much. Worse five years of my life. Also, most of they players who are playing are probably too young to be in high school, and being in role-playing games with that much of an age difference is a bit awkward. Especially with a name like WoodReviewer. Not the game’s fault, just personal stuff.

Main Desk.png

There was no dialog option to complain about wood grain

Onto the game. When you joined, you’re greeted by a friendly principal type guy who isn’t actually the principal since some player on the server is the really principal. His desk has some weird wood grain, but not too bad.

Science Lab.png

After quickly moving on and yelling at a Guest who was the real fake principal for a few minutes about wood grain, I made my way to the science lab. Before I continue, I would like to apologize to Zoey, the pet hamster. You see, as I was taking this screenshot I backed up and hit the shelves and the vertical support snapped, along with the shelves, and toxic fumes filled the room. Everyone besides Zoey got out.


I then moved on to the art room. However, the easel had poor wood support so I complained to a teacher. They then told me to get out, screaming something about a giant hamster attack, so I left school for the day.


Yes, I can and will complain about about structurally weak wood grain on an anti-gravity bed.

Now that school was over, I tried to do what I always did after school: go home. Funny story before I continue; I actually played the game before I did my session when I took my screenshots and did buy a house, but it didn’t save. So I had no money to buy my own house.  Instead I had to go to some random girl’s house, snuck into her bedroom, and took pictures of the improper wood on the legs of the bed.

TV and Couch.png

After going through her bedroom, I went into her living room and was greeted by some improper wood grain on the legs of the TV stand and the couch, probably used for watching TV.

After being chased out when the girl came home,  I decided to go some place I hate: The mall. Partly because it seemed interesting, partly because the other side of the map was blocked by Zoey. The first two stores I entered I was greeted by improper wood grain on the floor. The first had some weird CSG floor where the pattern went diagonally, but the wood grain went from left the right. The second store just had regular wood flooring, but with the wood grain facing the wrong way. It’s not so much a structural issue, as a cost issue of getting trees with a 100 foot diameter to cut long enough planks out of.

Mall Railing.png

The third, and last store, I went into had a second floor, but with a balcony overlooking the store. However, the railings had improper wood grain.


After getting kicked out of the third store for not buying anything after spending 10 minutes trying to get a good camera angle, I went back to the high school and sat by a picnic table. I then got off of it when I saw the supports had the wood grain going the wrong way. Luckily, the fact they had improper wood grain helped lessen the impact when Zoey threw the tables at the tanks that had arrived.

Pool Chair.png

With the high school and most of the town destroyed, I decided to go to the pool for a rest. But even there I couldn’t be happy. Partly due to the attack helicopters flying over head, but also due to the fact the wood grain on the chairs made my death from a simple fall all the more likely.

Beach Railinh.png

It was then that I went to follow the rest of the town, as Zoey was now heading towards the ocean. This was a tough time for me. I was happy for Zoey that she was finally escaping the immense pain and suffering that I was probably mostly responsible for. But sad, because the wood grain on the railings at the beach were also long.


This photo is actually of the pond. Not the ocean.

And this was where the journey ended. After causing the destruction of most of a town, I watched as a giant mutant hamster slowly wade into the sea, but I had a sinking feeling in my heart. Probably due to the fact the wood I was standing on was slowly falling due to the improper wood grain. Possibly due to the horrors I had unleashed on the world. So long, Zoey. The 5 seconds I spent with you before I accidentally caused the largest chemical spill in ROBLOX’s history are 5 seconds I’ll never forget. Be free, Zoey, and remember, it was all the Guest’s fault.

Overall, ROBLOX High School has fairly poor wood grain. Similar to The Plaza, many of the pre-made assets in peoples houses appear to be simple fixes, and as with Work at a Pizza Place, the overall map seems fairly simple and shouldn’t take long to do a simple pass over it fixing errors. While this post is getting lengthy, I did exclude a number of additional errors in houses, in non-mall shopping areas, and in some other classrooms. It was just a poor attempt at getting wood grain correct.

5 thoughts on “Old School-ROBLOX High School

  1. tratosian

    If I weren’t so lazy I’d fix all of those, but I just said it. Sorry, but I’m really lazy. I’ll take care of not making that mistake on the next buildings I make.


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