Wall Haven-Miner’s Haven

Hello there fellow heroes of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. As many of you know, I try to prioritize the biggest and the best places for my reviews, either in terms of popularity of what is easy to do. For both of those reasons, today I am taking a look at Miner’s Haven by berezaa. Not only is it constantly one of the most popular games on ROBLOX, but looking at all the wood in it was fairly easy. It also had another thing going for it: Money. I could make all the money that I could count to, and even several digits past that that I can’t count to. And I love money, it is great. So when I started, I asked this chap for some advice on how to get it.

Masked Man.png

He told me the secret to get money. And by secret, I mean several Twitter codes to skip the early game grind. But I still earned my money; typing in the Twitter codes took real work. In exchange, I showed him examples of bad wood grain, like that tree. Look at the tree. Look at it; it is a mess. The trunk of the tree has horizontal wood grain, while the upper branches has vertical wood grain. Both parts should have wood grain that flows the same direction.

Several minutes of messing with the overpowered items from Twitter codes, this was my base. It was a lovely base, with a HUGE wall, and all it took was a small loan of 50 or so crystals.


And if you don’t think the walls are tall enough, they are. And in case they aren’t, I’ll raise them up another 10 feet. But they being said, they aren’t perfect. Look at this wood at the top of the wall.

Wall top.png

Newer readers may not see what is wrong, so here is an explanation: Wood planks should have vertical lines on the end. This is what the current wood looks like.

Planks Front Bad.png

When, in reality, this looks much better.

Planks Front Good.png

The lines follow the other lines, and over all it looks much smoother. But this isn’t a one way street. Look at this boat. It is a great boat that makes me a bunch of money, but it has bad wood grain.


The wood grain on the top, instead of going from side to side, should go front to back. Right now it is like this.

Planks Side Bad.png

When it would look better like this.

Planks Side Good.png

Now, I love light. It makes it easier to see things. I also like fire. What I do not like is poorly made fire sticks. You can see from this fire stick, the wood grain is improper; it should go vertical rather than horizontal. Same for the fire stick in the background.


Enough of the factory, though. It is HUGEly successful, and with a small loan of a few crystals, I was able to make several trillion currency. With that, I was able to buy the finest goods available in Miner’s Heaven. Like this bench. However, the bench is not correct. See the back rest? Bad wood grain on the support. Luckily I am a nimble navigator and was able to avoid putting too much weight on it before it snapped.


Speaking of snapping, look at this book shelf. It is where I keep all my book that I get all my great words from. Sadly the book self is structurally week, with the sides having bad wood grain; instead of the supports having wood grain go up and down, it goes side to side.


Unfortunately, that was all the wood I was able to review in Miner’s Heaven. It was not a lot. It was more than a little, but not quite a bunch, and a good portion of it was bad. As a self made ROBLOXian I want only the finest wood around me, because I have the finest wood, not low energy wood that is prone to breaking. Overall, the money was good. The walls were good. But in Miner’s Haven, the wood grain is a mess, and should be deported to another game.

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