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Ahoy there fellow yoga practitioners, WoodReviewer here. Today I am taking a look at a different type of game. Most games I review are either show case games where you look around, or game games where you do stuff. Today I am taking a look at Temple of Memories by Crykee, a game where the point of the game is to do nothing to meditate. The game focuses on the yoga capital of the world, Indiana, and features the pagodas that make Indianapolis a famous travel destination from around the world. Although admittedly the mountains and oceans seem a little out of place for Indiana, every artist deserves some leeway in how they interpret an area.

Large Pagoda.png

Since the pagodas are the center piece of the map, lets start by taking a look at them.

So, what exactly is wrong with the pagoda? Lets start from the outside and work our way in. On the outside of the fence surrounding the pagoda is this bench. The horizontal supports on the seat and back rest both have improper wood grain that goes front to back, not the proper side to side.


Closer to the gate to get inside the fence was another bench. Well, not a bench, more of a picnic table. Surprisingly, unlike the regular bench, the horizontal pieces on the top of the bench and table were correct. Unsurprisingly, the wood grain on the supports for both the bench and table were incorrect.

Picnic Bench.png

Next up was to get inside the fence. Normally that would involve finding a gate of some kind. Or in this case, just break right through the fence. The wood grain on the poles and the supports are bad enough that it should not be much of a challenge to get through. The fact it could stand under it’s own weight was a bit of a surprise.

Tall Fence.png

Enough messing with the outside, lets look at the pagoda itself. How doe the main structural supports, that hold up several tons of building materials and are all that is preventing everyone inside from suffering a violent death from being crushed to death, look? Well, not good. And even worse, the main vertical supports and the smaller horizontal supports have different wood grain orientations, meaning the Crykee can’t even claim the wood grain is intentionally flipped.


Moving down lower on the pagoda and to less deadly wood deficiencies, the front door stands out. It is clearly made of a bunch of vertical planks, with gaps in between them made with a texture, yet the wood grain indicated they should be horizontal, not vertical. In addition, the wood frame on the side of the door is also bad.


Inside are more the the usual suspects. Behold, the bad chair legs of why can no one on ROBLOX make proper chair legs. Atleast this time they went all the way to ensure that the back rest of the chair also had improper wood grain.

Dinner Table.png

The last notable piece of bad wood grain in the pagoda were these book shelves. Both the vertical and horizontal supports had bad wood grain, which is odd since even if the shelves were just one piece of wood that had parts unioned/negated, atleast either the vertical or horizontal pieces should have proper wood grain.

Book Shelf.png

Moving on from the pagoda, there is more bad wood grain. Shocking. Basically, wherever there was some structure on the map, there was bad wood grain. Torches on the end of sticks had improper wood grain.


As did poles supporting a rod above a fire pit. Although, if you want your food really well done when it falls into the fire, I suppose this type of support is acceptable.

Fire Cooking.png

So, how was the wood grain? Poor. Wait, no, not poor. Bad. Very bad. What I showed was not all the bad wood grain, just a bunch of major points. Wells, gazebos, other fences as well as beds all had improper wood grain. Based on what I saw, most if it appeared to be caused by an over use of CSG in order to reduce part count, but at the sacrifice of proper wood grain. That is a sacrifice that should not be made unless it is for an extremely large scale game, or a game pushing for pure optimization. No offense to Crykee, but this game was neither and did not need part count pushed down by improperly using CSG. And for other items, such as the torches and bench, simple texture flips should be more than enough to fix the issues. The wood grain should be fixed, and more and more people are expecting that it will.



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