Mine-The Wind

Hey there Jurors of Wood Grain Justice, WoodReviewer here, and a bit of an unusual review today. I am taking a look at The Wind by Asimo3089. This has been on my list to review for a while now, but I felt like waiting for a good time to review it because it has a lot of bad wood grain. Maybe not a lot. A bunch. A very large bunch. A massive amount. My point is, there was a metric ton of bad wood grain. Look at the dock you spawn on, for example.


The main supports have wood grain that should go vertical not horizontal, and the walkway should have grain going left to right, not back to front. This is what it should look like.

Player Fixed.png

“WoodReviewer” some of you are thinking “What type of witchcraft is that?”

First off, fixing wood grain isn’t that hard, and I wouldn’t call it witchcraft. Second off, there was a bug a few months ago that caused The Wind to be leaked. The bug is patched now so I can say it existed without anyone else taking a copy. So now, instead of walking around the place, I can fly around it with the glorious ROBLOX Studio free cam to see all the wood grain I want. Like this sign.


You can even see the selection box at the back to prove I’m in studio

This is similar to my ROBLOX Template Place reviews, but I am not going to fix the wood grain. You see, as a proper place builder, fixing wood grain is Asimo3089’s job. I know he dislikes it based on his places, but now he has no choice; he either needs to fix the wood grain in The Wind by next Thursday, June 2nd, 2016, or I upload an uncopylocked version of this to my profile. It is that simple; fix the wood grain or this place gets released. Now, I consider Asimo3089 a close friend, in that he hasn’t blocked me on Twitter yet, so rather than leaving him with nothing to look with, I’m going to give him some hints as to what he needs to fix.

Outside, the most obvious issue is the fencing. Surprisingly, the horizontal pieces are correct, but the vertical posts are incorrect.


Also, as evidenced by the dock, bridges and the other dock have similar issues, with vertical supports and the walkways having bad wood grain.


However, most of the bad wood grain in the place comes from the main house on the map. It is littered with bad wood grain from top to bottom, literally. From the floor in the basement having bad wood grain.

Basement Floor.png

To the window frames near the roof having bad wood grain.


In addition the the basement floor, the regular floors have similar issues with the floor boards having bad wood grain. Look at this image, for example.

Dinner Table.png

Not only can you see bad wood grain on the floor, the chairs are filled with improper wood grain, as is the table support, which have terrible wood grain. Not that chairs are a surprise to have bad wood grain, but they still shouldn’t.

Another major issue were the doors. They all had several pieces of bad wood grain, as did the door frames, and as you can tell by this picture, so did the roof of the basement.


Last up was this railing. As you can see, the support beam near the front has bad wood grain, as do the railing supports, the chair legs, and the floor.


Is this all the bad wood grain? No. Not even close. In fact, originally I wasn’t going to show Asimo any and have him figure it out, but I decided that was too harsh. I don’t expect him to fix all the bad wood grain, even though I should, I just want him to make a good effort at it. I will expect everything I’ve shown to be fixed, and I have a list of other example that I want fixed. If he hits most of them, the place will stay safe. If not, to public domain. For the sake of his place, I hope he finds most of them. Now go on, Asimo, fix the wood grain.


The clock is ticking.

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