Asimo’s-The Wind Part 2

Hello there Judges of Wood Grain Justice, WoodReviewer here, and today is the day to decide if The Wind should enter free models or not. You see, a week or so ago I challenged Asimo3089 to fix the wood grain in The Wind, or have the place released into free models. Now, I’m not unreasonable so only most of the wood grain needs to be fixed, not all of it. Here is the updated version of the place, hopefully with proper wood grain. Now, lets start by looking at what I told Asimo needed to be fixed in my previous blog post, starting with the dock you spawn on.

Dock 1.png

Looks fine. The wood grain on the supports are correct, as are the planks that make up the decking.

Moving onto the sign, it has also been fixed. The wood grain on the legs has been rotated to be proper, and the sign appears to have been unioned together so the arrow is now one solid piece of wood with proper wood grain.


The fence posts that had improper wood grain are also fixed, with proper vertical wood grain.


The bridge near the house is also fixed.


This is why I tend to avoid showing off proper wood grain: There isn’t much to say about it.

Yes, the wood grain is correct on that floor.

Basement Floor.png

Yup, wood grain on the window is correct. The long pieces have wood grain that goes the long way.


Table legs, chair legs, and chair backs all have proper wood grain.

Dinner Table.png

I actually have something to say about this picture. The basement roof and the door were fixed, however, the door does not seem fixed. The horizontal supports of the darker wood in-between the lighter wood have vertical wood grain, when common sense says they should have horizontal wood grain. This is because the lighter wood is on top of the darker wood, meaning the door is solid with wood highlights added to it. Therefor, the darker pieces is one piece of wood and should be treated as such, ignoring the lighter wood attached to it.

Basement Roof.png

Back to the more boring stuff, this railing and its supports have proper wood grain.


So, that’s all the wood grain I told Asimo to fix fixed. A for effort and A for execution.  Now, lets have a look at some of the other items that I wanted fixed, starting with the other dock in-game.

Dock 2.png

It was fixed.

Next up was this siding on the house. Most of the siding was made of horizontal pieces of wood with proper wood grain, but one section had vertical pieces with bad wood grain. Luckily, they were also fixed.

Vertical Siding.png

Next up were the verious paintings in the place. The frames had improper wood grain. Most were fixed.




So, that ruins the game’s chances for having perfect wood grain. Still, aside from this and a small patch of flooring, pictured below, the game seemed fine.

Floor Missed.png

One of the worst pieces of bad wood grain, the main entrance, had bad wood grain decking and vertical supports. Those were both fixed.


Along with the doors leading in from the outside.

Outside Door.png

The last major piece of the map I wanted to see fixed was this outside deck. The decking,  supports, railings, and chairs all had improper wood grain. Asimo saw this, and now they are fixed.


So, were there enough changes made to keep this game out of free models? I believe so. Effort was made in ensuring that multiple issues were fixed, and all the problems I pointed out in my previous post were addressed. Sadly, a few small pieces of wood grain were missed that prevented this game from being purpose. That is a real shame. Hopefully one day I will find a game that has proper wood grain. Not that it will stop these reviews or anything; I just think the game would look nice.

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