Running-Template Places Part 4

Hey,WoodReviewer back again. Apparently some of you wanted some more words and more pictures in a review. I REALLY don’t want to upset my loyal followers, so I’m back for my third review of the day, this time Infinite Runner will be looked at. It is on ROBLOX’s game template account Templates and is available to everyone in ROBLOX studio. In studio, the game looks like this.

Infinite Runner.png

Those are all the pieces of the runner that then get assembled in some random order to make the running part of the game, with the grey bases disappearing as you spawn. So, lets look for wood.


No wood at this jump. Just crystals.

Even more crystals, still no wood.


No wood inside this box.


And no wood in this fire.


Again, no wood. It is almost like I pre-selected which places have no wood and then did reviews on them in order based on which have more pictures. Maybe from now on the next places will have wood grain that I can review, and this is the end of my series of joke reviews on game templates with no wood. Who knows. But hopefully, this is enough reviews for the day.

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