CTF-Template Places Part 5

Hello there fellow introverts who would rather look at wood than spend time with family, WoodReviewer here. Today it is time for another blog where I look at ROBLOX’s template places and fix the bad wood grain in them. Now, I know last Friday I did a few joke reviews of some places without bad wood grain, and originally that series of blogs was going to be finished by a review of the Capture the Flag template place.  You see, when I did my first look at it, the place seemed just fine; the only wood grain in the place was on the decking for the bridge, and that wood seemed just fine.


And it still looked fine, until I remembered that the game was a Capture the Flag game with rockets and destroy able bridges. Then I found the bad wood grain.

Bridge Boards.png

You see, for regular wood the way the wood grain faces on the end does not matter. However, for wooden planks it is different. Let me visualize it.


Those are several pieces of wooden boards together. The wood grain on the sides goes the long way, but on the end it goes up and down. However, you will notice that the gaps in the wood, the dark lines on wooden planks, go up and down at the end. Bricks with wooden planks should follow this pattern.

Wood Planks.png

Now, there is some grey area to this when you have large wooden plank bricks that are square. In those scenarios, the end texture on wooden planks always looks weird. But that is for another blog. All you need to know is that when one side of a brick with wooden planks as a texture is noticeable thinner than the other, the end texture should have the gap lines on the end matching the gap lines on the widest side.  For the bridge, the proper wood grain looks like this, with the railings on the bridge removed.

Bridge Boards fixed.png

Overall, was it a small issue? Yes. Still, it was enough to prevent me from saying that it is the one template place on ROBLOX that has proper wood grain. It is a shame, really. Not only was the wood grain bad, but it ruined the set up for a joke. If you want the fixed version for whatever reason, here it is. Basically the same but with proper wood grain and more easily destroyable bridges. I can tell you in advance, however, the next template places get harder and harder to fix.

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