Pizza Party-The Pizzeria Roleplay – Remastered

Hello lovers of fine Italian cuisine and animatronic dancing animals, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking a look at a true classic ROBLOX game: The Pizzeria Roleplay: Remastered. It is a great game that takes all the innovative features of Work at a Pizza Place, throws them out, fills the game with Five Nights at Freddy’s assets, and the renames the game because Five Nights at Freddy’s creator doesn’t actually check the content of games to see if they infringe on his intellectual property. The probably stolen intellectual property aside, it is a game, so I must review it. I have never played the original Five Nights at Freedy’s, not because the game is bad or anything, I just can’t play horror games without imagining the Adam West Batman running around the game half naked  spraying enemies with shark repellent. So if the wood grain in Five Nights at Freddy’s is improper and the Pizzeria Roleplay team are just trying to replicate it, I don’t care; bad wood grain is bad and whoever uses it should feel bad.

Like this table leg.

93 Table.png

By now I shouldn’t even have to explain why this is wrong, but for new readers, the wood grain on the leg should go up and down, vertical, while right now it is going side to side, horizontal. This is because wood grain actually shows weakness in the wood, where is is more likely to snap, so the current wood grain is very likely to snap if force is applied to the table, such as if someone kicks it, while vertical wood grain is more resistant to breaking from that.

It is worth noting that in-game there are two maps, both based on the same pizzeria, one in 1993, the other 1987. The above picture was from the 1993 version, so it is worth seeing if the 1987 version was fixed. Spoiler: It wasn’t.

87 table.png

Another asset that was in both maps is this door. Here it is in the 1987 version.

87 door.png

And the 1993 version.

93 Door.png

On both the front face and the side facing the camera, the wood grain should be vertical and go up and down.

One last piece of bad wood grain from the 1987 version was this cutting board. The wood grain on the top face should go sideways, not front to back. As it currently is, knives will easily cut the grain, possible splitting the wood. This is especially true for large butcher knives.

87 cutting bored.png

All the following issues are only in the 1993 map. Not because they were fixed in the 1987 map, but because the 1993 map had more bad wood grain. This shelf has issues with the side supports and shelves. The supports were completly incorrect, and should have vertical wood grain on the front and side face. The shelves actually have proper wood grain on the front of the shelf, but not on the top. Both sides should go the game way.

93 shelf.png

The last model I saw with bad wood grain was this cart. It had several issues. The most noticeable were these side things. The horizontal ones had vertical wood grain while they should have horizontal, and the vertical supports had horizontal wood grain while they should have vertical. Right now the lines from the areas in between the planks looks weird and gives the appearance that the wood is not really connected.

93 Stand side.png

Next major issue was the wheels. Again, they should have wood grain that goes away from the central hub of the wheel, not perpendicular to it.

93 wheel.png

And yes, I see the bad wood grain on the table top of the stand. The front edge should have lines following the pattern on the top, like this.

Wood Planks.png

So, how was the wood grain? Pretty poor. There was not a lot of wood grain in the place, probably 5 individual models that were re-used. Aside from the stand, none of the models had any complicated CSG and should be a quick fix with a texture flip plugin. In fact, I am willing to bed that the wood grain here is scarier than Five Nights at Freddy’s, because unlike FNaF, Adam West Batman can’t stop bad wood grain with shark repellent.

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