Car Chase-Template Places Part 6

Hello there free modelers who can’t even bother to use free models, WoodReviewer here, today I am continuing my journey through ROBLOX’s template places by taking a look at the Racing template place. This is kind of a special place for me. You see, before WoodReviewer started I wanted to help improve ROBLOX by fixing up the old racing template place. However I never got around to it and someone else fixed it up. Or they remade it completely since this looks nothing like the old one. Anyway, here I am reviewing the result of an old project I wanted to under take.


In all honesty, there is not much bad wood grain here. Most of the bad wood grain is on the billboards around the track. Can you spot where the bad wood grain is? Winner gets nothing.


The bad wood grain isn’t on the front of the billboard or any of the supports holding up the front.


The supports in the back are also clean.

Main Sign.png

The main sign is good, and even has the proper plank texture on the side.

So, if the supports and main sign are correct, what is wrong? This.Problem.png

Yes, that small piece of wood grain is why this blog post was made. As you can see, the side has the wood grain going side to side, but the top has wood grain going front to back. So, how does this look corrected? Like this.

Problem Fix.png

However, it is worth noting this issue is not isolated to one part. Each billboard has 8 of these pieces, highlighted here.

8 pieces.png

This only gets worse; in-game there are 7 billboards. That means that one piece of misplaced wood grain caused 56 pieces of bad wood to exist in-game. On Friday I will do a blog about this, but it is important to check reused assets for proper wood grain before reusing them.

That was most of the bad wood grain, but there was on more minor issues. See this bridge?


Seems fine, doesn’t it. However, if you are a new builder and decide to take it apart you are treated to this.

Bridge bad.png

Bad wood grain! Seeing as this is a template place, and users will mess with it in studio, all wood grain should be proper so I fixed it.

Bridge good.png

Good news for game builders is that if this was actually in-game I could never see it since it was hidden behind the bride structure. You should still feel bad about it, but I could never see it.

So, how was the game template overall? Bad because the wood grain was bad. If you want a proper version, as always, I have one with proper wood grain free for all users to take. Or for UristMcSparks to update the template to so users won’t be forced to endure the bad wood grain themselves. Still, not too bad. I’ve looked through the other template places and atleast this one only requires one blog post to go over the bad wood grain.

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