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Hello fashion designers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am taking a look at a unique place as far as my reviews go; Design It! by teamkilled. The review is unique for a few reasons. First, the place is fairly small and does’t have any rotating maps or locations, so there simply isn’t much to review. Second, I know nothing about fashion on ROBLOX, if you can’t tell by my avatar, so the game was odd for me to play. So lets move on to the actual wood reviewing.


The most noticeable issue with wood grain in the game were the large wooden plank pillars that surrounded the place. This picture shows one of them. In total, there were 10 or so of the pillars in various rooms, including the main stage and the pool area. Luckily, the fix for them is a simple texture flip to have the wood grain go vertical rather than the current horizontal position.


Moving on from there pillars was a more hidden issue. For some reason by the main stage were these boards that went across the room.

Roof thing.png

I’m not sure what there purpose was, but looking at them closer they had improper wood grain on the top and bottom. As you can see in this picture, the side that is towards me has wood grain going up and down, relative to the framing of the picture. Meanwhile, the grain on the top of the planks goes left to right, again in reference to the picture. Both texture should go up and down, as that is the direction that the planks go to stretch across the room.


The next issue is a much smaller issue having to do with trees. You see, when wood grain is used for bark it does not matter if the wood grain is horizontal or vertical; either one is just fine. However, the entire tree should be consistent on how the wood grain faces. You can see here that while some faces of the tree are vertical, others are horizontal. It does not matter which way the grain goes, only that all the grain faces the same direction.


The last issue was this bench. It had a few issues, mainly doing with planks. The first issue was the top of the backrest. The grain goes front to back, relative to the bench. It should go side to side, similar to the bench seat and the front of the back rest. The second issue was the end of the seat; currently the grain goes front to back, relative to the bench. It should go vertical so that there is a gap that matches the gap on the top of the seat. The last issue is the legs; the wood grain should go vertical so the solid piece of wood connects to the ground rather than two planks being connected to each other.


So, how was the wood grain? It was not designed well. Not at all. Aside from the floor, basically every piece of wood grain in the game had some issues. Most are fairly quick and easy to fix, such as the supports for the building requiring a simple texture flip, and even the more complicated unions for the bench legs being a simple fix due to simplicity of the union.

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