More Offices-RBXDev Office Building Part 2

Hello there aspiring developers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Even feel daunted trying to get into the Dev Forums? Want to know a secret to get a leg up in trying to make better games? Just use proper wood grain. Most devs don’t know how to do it, or just ignore it completely, and as a result they have wood grain. Want proof? Here are more offices from Dev Forum members, most with bad wood grain. The first office today was made by YasuYoshida.

Anime 1.png

As you can see there is a bunch of wood grain, and you don’t even need to go inside to see the improper wood grain. You can see the light grey wooden brick near the top and the parts next to it. Those are all vertical supports, and as a result they should have vertical wood grain. Right under them is a horizontal beam, which has proper wood grain on the front face, but the top face had improper wood grain, going front to back rather than side to side.

Anime 2.png

Looking below it at the windows, the frames all have improper wood grain on the side/top faces, but proper wood grain on the front face. So the vertical frames have vertical wood grain, horizontal pieces horizontal. These front faces are correct, and the side/tops of the other bricks should have matching wood grain.

Anime 3.png

Moving onto the door, the door frame has disappointing wood grain, with the vertical pieces having horizontal wood grain rather than the proper vertical grain.

Anime 4.png

Keeping up the trend of bad vertical wood grain, these shelves all have horizontal wood grain, rather than vertical.

Anime 5.png

Also the small supports in the top have improper wood grain

And, in what is the most obvious example of bad wood grain, this large support in the center of the room should have vertical wood grain, but instead has horizontal wood grain.

Anime 6.png

There are more examples of bad wood grain, such as some pieces of trim, and the small desk in the background of the above image. However, for one last issue was this plant holder shaped like a barrel. The planks should be vertical.

Anime 7.png

Moving on, the next office was by TheNexusAvenger, the designer behind most of the offices.

TNA 1.png

The main issue here was this table. As you can see, the wood grain on the front runs from front to back on the table, not lengthwise .

TNA 2.png

As you can see better from this angle, the marble top is just sitting on top of the wood, so it is safe to assume the entire piece of wood is one part. In this case, it should definitely go lengthwise, even if that results in the end being incorrect due to the fact it is one piece of wood. Otherwise the best option is to add 3 more pieces of wood and make the wood surround the marble, making sure each piece of wood is correct.

TNA 3.png

Next up was an office by NateRBLX. It had no wood grain so it was correct.


Next up was GGGGG14’s office. This did have a bit of wood grain in a chair and a shelf.


However, in a surprisingly twist this shelf had correct wood grain.


And even more shocking, so did this chair. While personally I prefer wood grain on the seat of chairs to go from front to back, the seat was square so it is acceptable for it to go either side to side or front to back. As for the back, it had correct vertical wood grain.


The last piece of wood grain was this picture frame. Again, being a square piece of wood the orientation is correct since the decal sits on top of the wood. So good job, GGGGG14, so far you are the first dev that in the offices that has been able to use wood grain properly.


The next office was made by MrHistory. As you can tell, it contains a bunch of wood grain so one should assume the grain is correct.


However, after a quick look at the vertical supports of the shutter by the front the wood grain was incorrect, with it being horizontal rather than vertical.


Inside the grain does not get better. The first issue I noticed was these planters, which lacked vertical wood grain on their sides.


Past the planters was a usual suspect for bad wood grain: couch/chair legs. In this case, as usual, the legs have horizontal wood grain rather than the correct vertical wood grain.


The issue with legs continue on the coffee table around the couch, which has the same issue as the chairs.


The last major issue was this shelf. While it is longer lengthwise along the wall than it is going away from the wall, the grain still goes away from the wall. The grain should follow the wall, since that is the longest way that the board faces.


Last up for this post was a office by Baumz. It had no wood grain so it checks out.


Overall, this set of offices was better than the first set; again six offices with two without wood grain, but of the four with wood grain, one had proper wood grain. Congrats GGGGG14, you are in inspiration to everyone who belieces that it is impossible to use wood grain and not get yelled at by me. As for TheNexusAvenger, MrHistory, and YasuYoshida, you wood grain is bad and you all should feel bad about it.


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