Royalty-Template Places Part 11

Hello peasants looking for a new Supreme Wood Grain Ninja Master Model Overlord, Sir Supreme Wood Grain Ninja Master Model Overlord WoodReviewer here, it is once again time to take a look at some of the “fine” template places ROBLOX has provided new builders as an example of how they are able to build proper places. Today is not a review of a new place, but rather a re-review of an older place that got remade-mainly the Castle Template Place, available in studio and hosted on the Templates ROBLOX account. For reference, my review on the  original is here. To be honest, the new version does look much better.


However, I do need to put a large disclaimer on this post. Normally when I review template places I also fix them. However, I usually only fix the wood grain. And because I am reviewing them a few months after release, the places are normally working. For this post, I’m reviewing it the day after the place was released. As a result it has some issues with bricks not being welded on the draw bridge.

No Weld.png

And trees falling over because they aren’t welded/anchored. Because of this, a new version will probably be released in a week or so, and because of that I will hold off on uploading a fixed version until the main version is, well fixed. After that I will go through and fix the wood grain. Or maybe whoever is in charge of fixing it will see the issues with the wood grain and fix it for me.


To start this review, lets do things that I like. For starters, most off the regular wood is good. This includes supports, door frames, and table tops.


Another positive is that the barrels, which were in the first version of the castle place, are here again: but this time with proper wood grain. This is another plus.


Next up, all the doors have proper wood grain with wooden planks. Another big plus.


Next up, time for things that I dislike but that I am OK with. This mainly includes wood grain that is not proper, but is hidden so you can’t normally see it. This includes the platform that you walk on along the walls. While it is normally hidden and I specifically moved it out of place, I want it to be correct to show new builders how it should go. Also, as a side note I would like ROBLOX to implement some native weld tool for welds, as well as some visual indicator for what parts are welded to what, since taking apart and rewelding stuff is currently impossible for new builders without a plug-in or some scripting knowledge. And even for someone with both, it is a massive pain to tell what parts are welded to which when every part in a model is named “Part.”


This is basically the only small issues I have. It is fairly common when parts are hidden, such as in the main castle area or the side of the little arch bridge, and while I would fix them I won’t loose too much sleep over them being wrong.


Again, moved in studio to see the bad grain

Now moving onto the bad wood grain. Honestly, there was not much. The first issue was in the wall towers. Some of the pathways had improper wood grain leading to the stairs. The end grain here should be vertical.


The next issue was with the draw bridge. Again, the wood grain on the sides did not match with the wood grain on top. It should look similar to the bridge to the left, with the sides having vertical wood grain. Still, a fairly quick fix to rotate it, not accounting for the attachments and stuff you need to mess with.


Both of these issues are fairy localized, though. A bigger issue, however, is with the legs on the benches/tables in the castle. The legs have straight vertical wood grain, rather than diagonal wood grain that goes along with the direction of the boards. This is a small issue, solved by simply having two unions instead of one, but the fact these benches are used two dozen times throughout the map means it would take some time to fix off of the unions.


And that was most of the bad wood grain. Overall, just three major problems, with one problem repeated a couple dozen times. Most of the wood grain is fairly good, including the main supports. It is just the small issues, like the fact you can’t eat a large turkey without fear of your bench giving out, that ruins the place.

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