Fair-Hallows Eve:Blocktoberfest

Hello OP players of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, today I am going to Nerf you with the Blocktoberfest Halloween event, sponsored by Nerf. One thing I need to say is that I was asked before the game was released, in early August, to look at the wood grain before it was released. I asked if I could look at it closer to release, in September or so. But then I forgot because I have a short attention span and often forget what I’m doing, which is why if you ever see me in-game and I am acting confused, I probably am.


Onto the actual game, the game consists of a series of mini-games based around a central county fair area. It is odd, though, because while everything is made to be seem like a fair, the roller coaster resembles a much more permanent launched coaster, rather than the more common traveling Wild Mouse/small looping coasters that frequent fair grounds. Onto the actual wood grain, the central fair area doesn’t have much. That doesn’t mean it had proper wood grain, though, as the costume stands have bad wood grain. Instead of having vertical wood grain on the legs and main support, it has horizontal wood grain.


Moving on through the fair, another issue was the flooring on this swinging ship. The issue here are the sides; for planks, the sides should match the top texture. So in this case, because the main platform is going from side to side, the side of the planks should also go from side to side to match it, not up and down. This is the same for the stairs as well.


Moving out of the town, one big thing the game featured was that most of the levels for the games were accessible outside of game rounds. While most see this as a small plus, I see it was an easy way to review the areas without having to play the rounds.Although I did play the rounds, I was just too busy playing to take screenshots at the same time. Just like this sign that directs you to the farm/graveyard areas. More importantly, however, the sign also had bad wood grain.


I chose to start out in the graveyard. There  wasn’t much wood in the graveyard, but the trees were lacking leaves. This made it easy to see the issues with the trees; while the bottom of the trunk had vertical wood grain, the upper branches had horizontal wood grain that wrapped around the branches. Either could be correct, but it should be consistent for the entire tree.


Moving onto the farm next, the fence posts here had bad wood grain.


But the posts weren’t alone; the opening for the corn maze and the scarecrow’s supports also had improper wood grain.


The bad wood grain also extended to the farm, which had bad wood grain on this random create and the vertical potions of the window frame.


Next up was the town for the Trick or Treat minigame. It was mostly fine, but reused many assets. Reusing assets is not a bad thing; however when the window frame has bad wood grain, reusing the window is bad since now all the windows have bad wood grain.


The next area was this gated off area for a hunter vs hunted minigame. The gate has obvious issues, with the boards at the end having horizontal, rather than vertical, wood grain. In addition, the bottom of the horizontal bars had incorrect wood grain, with the grain going from front to back instead of side to side.


Inside, of the area, things were just as bad. This light post, for example, lacked the proper vertical wood grain.


And inside the monster spawn area, this flipped over table had bad wood grain on the legs.


In addition, the wooden supports for this dock and the end of the dock had bad wood grain on the planks.


Lastly, the dilapidated houses scattered through the map had bad wood grain. The issue here are the boards the run front to back, like the piece of wood at the left of the image. While the boards go front to back, the grain on top goes side to side. This is improper.


The last part of the regular map was this pumpkin patch. The fence posts, like by the barn, as well as the actual fence.


The next are was not in the main map. Or if it was, I couldn’t find it. It was the Nerf zombie survival area. It was in a mansion, and as such it had a bunch of bad wood grain, such as the bad window frames on this blocked off window.


Ignore the cursor; it was an FPS minigame.

Moving on through the mansion, the bookshelves had improper wood grain on the supports.


And of course the chair legs had improper support, but that should be a given by now.


Of course, the bookshelves were an issue since they were reused many times through the mansion, as were the bad railing supports on the upper story of the house.


I’m sure there was more bad wood grain in the mansion, but it was hard to deal with the monsters everywhere. However, based on what I did see and the rest of the game, I can only assume most of it had improper wood grain. Overall, the wood grain here was bad; not quite EBR bad, but pretty bad. Based on how the models look, I assume most of it was due to abusing CSG. Even if I didn’t forget and reviewed the place before it opened, depending on how much the builders/scripters wanted to use unions to make models I’m not sure I could convince them to change how they did things, since the only way to fix some of the issues would be to separate the models. Still, hopefully the Nerf event next year will be better, such as this was was better than last years*.

*DISCLAIMER: I did not play last years event. I just assume the wood grain was worse because Quenty made it before he started to understand how wood grain works.


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