Old Era-Merchant Tycoon

Hello tycoon players of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am looking at another tycoon I found a few days ago. This one goes by the name Merchant Tycoon and is made by Varyze. Now some of you may be wondering why I’m doing another tycoon. Personally, I find most of the current ROBLOX tycoons bearable. I enjoy the old dropper ones from 2008 and 2009 a bit more only because you had more options to try and optimize your production by skipping steps/upgrade paths while most current tycoons hide all future unlocks behind unlocks you needs to buy, causing you  the player to only have 3 or 4 upgrade paths at a time, regardless of how long you are willing to save up money. Still, I don’t find the current crop of tycoons to be nearly as bad as most people make them out to be.

Besides for the wood grain, that is.


Yes, for the more advanced scripting abilities that modern tycoons have, they have sacrifices looks in terms of now having improper wood grain. Granted most tycoons from 2010 and earlier lacked wood grain entirely, atleast they did not have any improper grain.Lets start outside the tycoon first and look at the decorations. First up is this small little stand that is outside of the tycoon that acts as decoration. The obvious issue is that the vertical supports for the fabric roof. In addition, the front of the stand has some issues. You can see that while the board at the front runs horizontally, with the grain on the front running like that, the grain on the top runs front to back, not horizontal.


Now I would love to say that the little stall was all the issues with the wood grain here. But it wasn’t. The windows for the tycoon also had improper wooden planks. First, the vertical supports have horizontal instead of vertical wood grain. Next, the parts of the window at the top/bottom that are horizontal had improper wood grain on the top/bottom faces, with wood grain going front to back instead of side to side.


Next up inside the tycoon were the actually droppers, many of which had glass boxes made out of wooden frames. These frames had vertical supports, and as with the windows, these vertical supports had improper horizontal wood grain, instead of the correct vertical grain.


And continuing on with the bad vertical grain, this sign that kept tract of your income also had horizontal rather than vertical supports.


And the last major issue here was the windows again. Again, the front faces went horizontal, across the building, while the top face went front to back on the building.


That was all the major issues with the place. I could beat a dead horse and show more examples of the same issues, such as different wooden framed boxes, different windows, and different item droppers, but that seems unnecessary. Still, the fact there are more examples does not help out the fact that the wood grain here is terrible.

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