Sponsored-Island Adventures

Hakuna matata Disney lovers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I have a very special review of the sponsored game Moana’s Island Adventure, sponsored by Disney’s upcoming movie Moana. Now, why is this so special? Is it because I am being sponsored to create this review? Well, no.

Is it because I helped make the game? Also no.

Is it because it represents a new sponsorship partnership between ROBLOX and one of the biggest media companies in the world? No.

Is it because the game is a massive improvement on any other game that anyone on ROBLOX has ever made? IDK. I’m just here for the wood grain. So why is this game so special? Why am I literally giggling with joy as I write this? Because of who made it.


That’s right, the Elite Builders of ROBLOXia. Not a game by someone in the group, or a forgotten showcase from a few years ago, but a newly made, purpose built game that represents the entire group. Of course  from a group with the word Elite in it, you would expect only the best wood grain. Que picture of bad wood grain.


“But WoodReviewer” you may be thinking “The trees have horizontal wood grain. How do we know that this isn’t just a part of a tree with the bark still on it?”

Good question James.  And sure, it is possible, I doubt it but it is a possibility. There is still bad wood grain in the rest of the place. Take the supports for these, for example. The lighter brown posts should have vertical wood grain, but instead have horizontal wood grain.


“But WoodReviewer, what if those are just smaller parts of trees with the bark still on them?” Not as good of a question, but still a valid question James. Possible. Unlikely since there are other similar sized parts that have correct wood grain, such as the fence segments and torches, but lets assume that while all those are regular wood without bark, these specific supports are wood with bark. That still doesn’t mean the game is free of bad wood grain.

Look at this doorway, for example. The vertical parts on the sides have improper wood grain, while the top has the correct horizontal wood grain.


Now, I suppose you could argue that the supports on the side of the doorway are, again, parts of trees while the completely identical in shape, size, and colour support on the top. And you can make that argument. It is a stupid argument, but you can make it. And for the sake of the argument, lets say I accept it and need to find another piece of improper wood grain to prove the game has improper wood grain.

Lets start with agreeing on something. For wooden planks, this is proper wood grain. The lines that represent the gaps go the same direction on the top and side, and for the front face the lines are vertical, making it appear that the gapes in the boards continue down.


This is an example of improper wooden planks. The top and side are the same, but the front does not have the vertical lines that make it appear like there are gaps in the board.


Can we agree the top is proper wood grain and bottom improper? Yes? So we agree if I find some wood grain that is like the second picture, the wood grain is improper? I don’t care what your response is because it is improper. And here is an example of a sign with that improper wood grain. The face facing the camera should have grain that has the lines go from the front to the back of the piece of wood.


So, any more arguments on if this game has bad wood grain? And let the record show, this is not just one sign; there are many signs like it. And in addition, the issue with wooden planks is not just limited to the signs. It also appears in the later mountain levels on these large doors.

Doors 2.png

Although because they are two studs, not one stud thick, they look kind of funky either way.


And that was the bad wood grain in Island Adventure. To be honest, it was above part as far as the standard Elite Builders of ROBLOXia game goes, in that it actually has some proper wood grain, but it still has enough improper wood grain to declare that the game does not have proper wood grain. Still, an attempt was made. I just hope the next attempt is better.

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