Trees-Lumber Tycoon

Hello wood cutters of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today it is time to review another classic game on ROBLOX, Lumber Tycoon by Defaultio. As its name indicates, Lumber Tycoon revolves mostly around cutting down trees. As a result, there is plenty of wood grain to review as many of the structures in it are made out of wood. Now, some of you may be confused as why I am reviewing such and old game that is basically put on life support to keep it running. In my eye, any game that that is still earning money somehow is fair game to review, and seeing as how Lumber Tycoon still has a VIP shirt for sale, I consider it fair game.


The first, and most noticeable example, of wood grain is on the supports for the legs for the saw mill. Every tycoon has one of these saws to start, maxing out with up to four of them, and each one has a dozen or so support legs holding up the mill and various conveyor belts. Unfortunately, all of the supports for the mills have improper wood grain.

Next up in the tycoon is the actual house. The wood grain on the front of the house all goes from side-to-side, parallel to the ground. This is acceptable. There are some issues with individual pieces, but if there were no outlines or the entire wall was unioned it would be acceptable.


However, there is an issue with the top of the walls. While they are eventually covered up by the second floor/roof, the walls have improper wood grain on the top face. Instead of going the same direction as the sides of the walls, they go perpendicular to the walls. This is a small mistake, and easy to miss if you only work with the end result of the house instead of the house segments.


One last issue with the actual tycoon areas is the fact that the supports for the covered roof have improper wood grain, with horizontal instead of vertical grain. While the house may have a small, easy to miss issue, this one is fairly obvious.


So, that was the game. Well, besides for the trees since the leaves on them are made out of wood grain. Honestly no idea what is going on there.


But aside for the trees, the wood grain was pretty poor. For the fact the game is more than six years old, it was fairly decent. However, there were still major issues in terms of the supports for the saw mills and the roof, along with minor issues with the house. And seeing as how wood grain was used sporadically, such as the planks not having wood grain along with many wooden items in the house, it makes no sense for the assets that were made with wood grain to have improper wood grain since they were specifically chosen to have wood grain.

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