WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 1

Hello holiday gift seekers, WoodReviewer here, and today it is time for the first day of the WoodReviewer 2016 Advent Calendar. I’ve noticed on Twitter that there is a large amount of excitement over my advent calendar. Not really sure why. I’m telling you all that you will be disappointed by most of these items. Speaking of disappointment, lets take a look at what is behind window number one.


Inside is a wooden table. Again, I said not to expect much.


But unlike most wooden tables on ROBLOX, the table legs all have proper wood grain. And, unlike most tables, the table top is made of several boards laid next to each other, allowing for the rectangular shape while still using fairly short boards.

Table Top.png

And underneath the table, the table top is supported by a set of supports, so instead of the boards magically being connected end to end, they are supported by an actual support.

Table Bottom.png

Now, why is there a table for the first day? Is it some sign that you will be able to put other pieces on the table, and it is just for show? A theme that the first day is a support day for all the others? Well, no. You see, most of the item boxes are 8x8x8 stud cubes. And the table is 10 studs long. Only day one and 25 have larger boxes, so to get the table to fit I put it in day one. No other special meaning or anything.

10 studs.png

It barely fits

Oh, also the table is welded together if you went it to be able to be unanchored. Just as an added bonus.

1 thought on “WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 1

  1. PiGuy

    “Oh, also the table is welded together if you went it to be able to be unanchored. Just as an added bonus.”
    Perfect for table-flipping… Mind if I use this for some in a game?



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