WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 11

Hello interested gifters, WoodReviewer here, and welcome to day 11 of my Advent Calendar. For those of you who are confused this far in as to what is going on, well, that is your fault.


Today inside the window is another new wood-based texture. Today it is a new type of wooden planks.


This differs from my previous wooden plank texture in that this texture has a clear line separating the planks from each other. This is similar to the current ROBLOX wooden plank texture, with the dark line separating planks.


As with other textures, the size and transparency of the texture can be adjusted to create new looks. For example, the width of the planks can be adjusted if you want wider or thinner planks for certain applications.

Close up.png

“But WoodReviewer, this is just a texture.”

Yes, but by now you should understand the pattern of when one day has a texture and what you should expect the next day.

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