WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 20

Hello advent calendar enthusiasts, WoodReviewer here, and it is now day 20 of my 2016 Advent Calendar. Day 20; that just means there are 5 days left. Or 4 until the last day,  which should be the best. But none of you know what will be in day 25, so until then the suspense(?) will continue to build. Well, besides for the one person that knows what will be in day 25. Or I hope she knows. If she doesn’t then she really isn’t that bright.

But enough of the taunting, on to day 20.


…It is a coat rack. Yup; it is a self-standing coat rack. Not sure what exactly you can do with it, but so far most of the models in this calendar have been mostly useless with no true purpose.


Not sure what else there is to see with the coat rack. It is all welded together like the other models, so you can blow it up if you want.


Now, I am aware this is the second item called “coat rack” in my advent calendar, with the earlier shelf/coat rack. But honestly, I didn’t feel like changing either name since they are just coat racks. And honestly I’m surprised any of you read this far into a blog post on a coat rack.

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