WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 21

Hello Twitter followers who clicked on this link expecting some humerus meme but will now be disappointed by a mostly serious post on some random model that you won’t care about at all, WoodReviewer here, and today is Day 21 of my Advent Calendar. I’m honestly unsure why people keep reading these posts to find out what I’m giving away since the model is usually updated an hour or two before these posts go lives, but whatever. Onto the window with the day number on it.


Today it is a picnic table.


Yup; a full-size picnic table with two benches and the main table top.


It also has some realistic supports under the table, because it adds a bit more detail and looks cooler when you blow it up. Also, the table is welded together so you can blow it up.


Also, each side has 3 seats you can sit in for a total of 6 seats. 6 may be to many, but 4 felt like too few. Honestly the whole table feels like it is scaled a little to small, but I couldn’t make it any larger or it wouldn’t fit in the calendar. But I also use an R6 character while most people have R15 characters which look smaller, so my point is this may look a bit weird in-games. Or it may look just fine. There is a reason I don’t do objective reviews.


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