WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 24

Hello panda lovers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today is the second to last day of my 2016 Advent Calendar. Yup; the end is almost here, and I am still unsure why exactly this is a thing or why it is happening. But it is like 23 days too late to second guess this,  so lets continue the suffering and disappointment with the final two days.


Today the gift is where most of these calendars would end up if they were an actual gift, the garbage. More specifically, a garbage can.


Now because the calendar is about 150x100x20 studs you may need to use a model resize plugin to actually make the garbage can large enough to fit the calendar inside of it, but you can do it if you want. The bin is fairly simple, with 4 wooden supports, the frames at the top and bottom, and some fine wooden paneling connecting it all together.


I mean, it is a trash can. What do you honestly expect? It is a trash can. Garbage will go inside of it; what do you honestly expect.



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