WoodReviewer’s 2016 Advent Calendar Day 25

Happy Holidays, WoodReviewer here. Today is the final day of my 2016 Advent Calendar, and  it is probably going to be a disappointment just like the rest of the calendar. I hope everyone else is having a fun time visiting relatives, eating meals, and doing everything else that people do over the holidays. For for those reading this on the day it goes up, Christmas day, why are you here instead of with your family? Go. This will still be up in a day or two. Atleast until February if I remember to pay to renew the site for another year. But enough of the small talk. You are all here wondering what is behind the window for the last day of this advent calendar. If you have any final guesses, make them now.


Today’s gift is a very fine portrait frame for any pictures or paintings you want to hang up.


The frame is fairly elaborate as far as picture frames on ROBLOX go. It is not simply the basic four pieces of wood that surround most pictures on ROBLOX.


The outside of the frame has a very slight bevel, making the corner lightly rounded.


However, most of the detail is on the inside of the frame. The inside has a larger bevel, and there is a small notch just behind it.  Past the notch the wood raises up, which serves to highlight the notch and the picture inside the frame.


While the frame is meant to be one piece that is glued together, it is cut at 45 degree angles so the pieces fit together without and clipping or parts of the frame sticking through each other.


The frame was made with unions instead of a mesh so users could resize and modify it if they want. However, because it was a union the original was made at 20 times the current size to help prevent CSG errors. It was then shrunk down with a model resize plugin. So just a note to anyone who modify the unions, scale it up first.


The model resize plugin is also why the canvas has a mesh and isn’t just a brick.

That is it for this years Advent Calendar. I hope most of you were not too disappointed by it, but if you were I warned you about that from the start. So until my next blog post, Happy Holidays, and fix your wood already Golly.

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