The Hero Someone Wanted-Heroes of Robloxia

Hello super hero enthusiasts of Robloxia, WoodReviewer here. Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the last few months, I have been busy with things. Secret things. Secret things that are super important. And with that being said, what better way to return from a super important break that a look at Heroes of Robloxia, by Team Super.


Now, before I begin, I have to say several people have sent me messages complaining about wood grain here, patriotically on on section in the first level.


And yes, that is incorrect. The grain on the top and the bottom of the ramp should follow a similar direction to the grain on the sides of the ramp. Now, if you are here to learn the answer to the question “Does Heroes of Robloxia have proper wood grain?” you can leave now since the answer is a firm “No.” But I think I should go farther than that since a good 3-4 people sent me a very similar picture to this of the improper wood grain on the ramp. Now, if that is all people are sending me, it should be the only example of bad wood grain, right?


You are wrong. In the third level, in the museum, there are several of these wooden display cases. The base, obviously, is made out of wood, with a rectangular piece of glass covering the top of the case. As you can see, the lighter part of the wooden section are indented compared to the darker parts of the case. As these darker parts make up a majority of the vertical support for the glass, and whatever item is being displayed inside of then, the wood grain should be vertical for those parts. Well, for most of those parts. The horizontal part of the darker wooden case is correct, it is just the thicker parts at the corners that are incorrect. But still, that was in the third level. I know most people don’t want to play games for more than 5 minutes to make a joke tweet directed towards me.


So lets go back to the first level and find another example of bad wood grain. This was even closer to the start than the construction level. So, what piece of import wood grain could everyone have missed for me to find?


Chair legs. Yes, I’m not sure why it is so hard for other people  to figure out how chair legs works, but for some reason no one else can get the simplest thing of wood grain correct. For chair and couch legs, the wood grain should always be vertical. This is also a problem with many wood grain fixer plugins; if a wooden part is a 1x1x1 cube it won’t set it properly since you need context clues from other bricks to get the correct rotation.

So, onto the question of is the wood grain here proper: No, no it is not. Given the fact it is used so little throughout the game, this make the few instances of it being used incorrectly even worse. So while the game is not quite EBR levels of bad, it is still fairly bad,

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