Homer-The Simpsons Showcase

Hello Simpson fans who have refused to watch and episode made past season 12, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking a look at The Simpsons Showcase by LukeyBuild. Like most people that are under 50, I grew up watching The Simpsons on TV and really enjoyed the show. And although the exact drop in quality is debatable,  But you know what isn’t debatable? The quality of wood grain within Roblox games.


I’m even yellow like the show

If you are a veteran reader, you are probably aware of what the quality of the wood grain based soley on the fact I am doing a blog post on it.


But what about those of you who are new. Now, I’m sure you are probably curious about the wood grain, or very confused about why you ended up here and are still reading. Well, the wood grain here is bad. Very bad. Just take this fence for example. The vertical fence pieces all have improper wood grain, with the grain being horizontal instead of the correct vertical orientation.

Next door.png

Of course, that wasn’t the only issue with the wood grain here. Right next to the Simpson’s house was this house, which had improper wood grain on the supports around the windows. Like the fence, this wood grain should have been vertical.


But if you are a Simpsons fan, you probably don’t care about the ever-changing look of the neighbors house and only care about the actual Simpson’s house. So, how the wood grain here? Well, lets start with the mail box. It gets a failing grade.


Baby crib? Another failing grade due to the bad wood grain on the spindles that Maggie can easily break and fall on her head. This is especially worrying since based on her relatives, Maggie really doesn’t have many brain cells to spare.


Inside of the garage there was a big more improper wood grain, with the support beam for the roof having improper wood grain. It is kind of hard to see, but the grain should follow the length of the board, instead of wrapping around the board.

Tree House.png

Going outside of the house, there was a big of proper wood grain on the walls of the tree house. Granted the tree house was a wrong shape compared to to the show, and if the wood grain was improper here you could argue that all the wood grain in the place here was improper on purpose despite the fact I would then just get a screenshot from the show to prove it wasn’t intentional, but atleast it has proper wood grain.

Good Bye.png

Finally, there was one last thing to look at here: the Springfield sign itself. Not much to see here, really, as it had improper wood grain on the vertical supports. But still, hopefully there will be more to reviewer here one day. Because there isn’t more to see now.


As you can see, there are more spaces for more content, but it just isn’t there yet.

Nevertheless, there is still some wood grain that I can rate now, and I rate it poorly. Very poorly. Basically every piece of wood grain I saw was improper to the point where more wood grain was incorrect than correct. When that happens, it never bodes well for the place. Still, the place is a WIP still so hopefully the current issues get fixed, and the future buildings are better. Or I will be ignored and will just have to write a longer review next time. I am OK with either outcome, really.

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