Close-Cleaning Simulator

Hello turnip cleaners of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today I am taking a look at Cleaning Simulator by BRIBBLECO™ games. Cleaning simulator is a game.

The end.png

No, that last sentence was not cut off, that is just the only way to describe a game where a walking turnip rolls around as a ball cleaning up dirt while listening to Shrek remixes in the background. But one thing that you can describe the game as is texture-less.

Or atleast Roblox texture-less.


A majority of the game, down to the grass, uses either smooth plastic or some custom texture. And what texture is missing? Wood.

And wood planks.

So, with no wood grain, what am I here to review? The tree bark.


As you can see, for the trunk and the branches of the tree the bark texture wraps around the tree. Aside for one branch of some trees, where the texture goes along the length of the branch. And only on the bottom side of the brick. And to be honest I’m not sure how you can get that to happen by accident when only using one texture, but my job is not to explain why, but to just review.

And so I am reviewing, and because of the improper bark on the trees I declare the game to be terrible and no one should play it ever. Because it is a bad game and poorly made.


8 thoughts on “Close-Cleaning Simulator

  1. Adventurous Haven

    How are you gonna say the game is bad when it just got release. I disagree with you the art design is great it’s the same art style from cube cavern and blamo. Also your just only complaining about how bad the game design is and it’s very rude of you to say: ” I declare the game to be terrible and no one should play it ever” Over people and Roblox dev enjoy this game. And just because you don’t understand this game doesn’t mean you need to ruin it for others let them enjoy Cleaning Simulator. If you don’t like this game maybe you shouldn’t play it at all, Cleaning Simulator is a simple fun normal game without u having to do 50 million things.I like how it’s Unique in it’s own special way and i hope this game will be better in time of development. And who knows maybe more stuff will be added in the future and keep in mind that the game JUST got released so you shouldn’t judge the book my it’s cover nor tell other people: Hay don’t play that it’s terrible… Let them experience the game and give there thoughts on it instead of brainwashing them of a statement that isn’t true. But Seriously Wood Not cool bro you ranted on a game that just got released then try to tell other people not to play this game because YOU think it’s terrible when it’s not you should give this game and the community a chance to grow NOT SMASH IT DOWN WITH USELESS RANTS AND LIES. >->


    1. Kii

      uh, seriously dude?are you so dense you didnt realize that he didnt actually mean it?and its simply for comedic purposes?


      1. Kii

        oh, he also probably doesnt care and isnt talking about gameplay.he reviews the wood grain, end of story.


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