People-Player Opener

Hello fellow players of Roblox, WoodReviewer here. It is not everyday that I am in a game, mainly because my review schedule has been very poor and I only go in-game to prepare for reviews once or twice a week. But it is even rarer that I am actually featured in a game, like I am in Player Opener by BOF. Now I’m sure some of you are worried about how trying to bribe me with a proper review would influence my review. But worry not; unless the bribe has 4 digits before the decimal point, I am completely unbribable.


So enough about me, what about the actual game? Does it have good or bad wood grain? Well. the answer is it has bad wood grain. Very bad. Just look at this fence, for example. The wood grain on the top face of the fence boards is incorrect, with the grain going perpendicular to the length of the board, instead of connecting between the two fence posts.


Animation packs were a mistake

Now, some people claim that focusing on the top face of fence boards is a bit petty. However, I counter that with the fact most of what I complain about is pretty petty. But I do admit that in the end, how structurally strong a fence post is may not be the biggest issue in the world. Of course, bridges are important and should be strong since, you know, people walk on them and will fall to their deaths (probably) if the bridge collapses. That is why it is such a bad thing that this bridge has improper wood grain on the floor beams.

Duck Lilly.png

Of course, if you want me to be more petty, I could go back to looking at only signs and other decorative items. I can understand why people won’t want to be constantly reminded of a slow and painful death from collapsing brides or anything.


I just guess it is a good thing then that the fences weren’t protecting people from falling off of cliffs or anything. Because then the fences would be a major safety hazard.

KFC Man.png

So, how was the wood grain here? Did you not just read my review? It was bad. Very bad. Numerous fence posts, signs, bridges, and surface GUI holders all had improper wood grain, and they ruined it for me despite the awesome characters you could become.








Also the crates had improper wood grain and this annoys me more than anything else.



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