Destruction-Godzilla Simulator

Hello monster lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here today to take a look at VIP Servers Godzilla Simulator by Alkameltzer. Unlike most of the simulator games that don’t have any textures at all and are so boring that I usually leave after 5 minutes, this game involved me breaking stuff so it naturally had my attention for atleast 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, this game kept up the trend of not having and wood grain anywhere on the map.

Also unfortunately, for the game maker, the customizable characters have wood and wooden plank as a material option for the characters.


So, what is wrong? The biggest problem is that a bunch of the faces on the body/arms have vertical wood grain, with the grain going up and down, but some wood grain on the side of the torso is horizontal.


However, with regular wood these issues can be hard to see. With wooden planks, this is seen better.


One good example is the spikes that come out of random parts of the bodies. Like this spike, here the wood grain on the top face should go with the wood grain on the front face.


Another example were the numerous cone-shaped spikes that some monsters had. For these spikes, the wood grain should flow from the thick end of the cone to the point of the cone.


If the cones and spikes stay like they are, then the ends are likely to be knocked off very easily. Obviously, this is bad for giant monster battles if parts of the monsters easily pop off.


So, that was most of the game, basically just looking at different parts of the character creator and spotting bad wood grain. Overall, there are more examples of bad wood grain with different bodies/heads, but overall the spikes were the biggest issue I saw with them. So not much to fix, but it should still be fixed.


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