WoodReviewer’s 2017 Advent Calendar Day 25

Merry Christmas Capitalism lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today is day 25 and the final day of my 2017 Advent Calendar, at last. Unless you are insane and somehow enjoyed opening up all the useless tat you got from this calendar. But if that’s the case then you need a new hobby even worse than I do.


So what is in the final gift box today? It’s a picture frame.


The frame is made with a mesh, with a typical picture frame whose outer frame extends out with a beveled edge going around the edge. Of course, I didn’t want to leave just an empty image inside of the picture frame, so I added in something nice to remind people that I am always watching.


The back of the frame is a basic piece of wood in the center, again surrounded by the trim for the frame. Nothing special overall.


And that is it. Not just for this blog post, but also for this advent calendar. Maybe forever if I don’t feel like doing another one next year if I don’t feel like sharing disappointment with everyone else. But that’s for next year. For today, all we have to focus on is lover, peace, happiness, and proper wood grain in the world.

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