Wonderland Grove Part 2-Egg Hunt 2018 Part 3

Hello lovers of overly detail reviews of sponsored games, WoodReviewer here, again here to take a look at the 2018 Egg Hunt. And again taking a look world 1 of about 50 different worlds, Wonderland Grove. And for those wondering, yes, I will continue doing reviews on the entirety of the game, no matter how long it takes me or how many posts I need. Even if that means that after the egg hunt ends I’m still posting new reviews about it, so be it. After all, stretching out this review into more parts means I get more views, which would be really good for my ad revenue if I actually bothered to run ads. But enough with my very poor money management skills, lets continue to bash this years egg hunt.

Which piece of improper wood grain will be the first target today? Lets start with this thing. It is just so wrong there is no way to properly express how wrong it is.


Next up on the long list of things that have improper wood grain is this mushroom. To be honest, I have no idea why a mushroom is made out of wood grain. Nor can I say what is truly the correct way is for a mushroom to have proper wood grain. But, if there were to ever be a mushroom that had proper wood grain, I would bet the entire stem of the mushroom would have the grain going in a similar direction.


Continuing on this theme of plant-based wood grain that this review has someone drifted towards, the next issue I encountered in some random order but am putting out of the actual order that I found it in order to tie several issues together. The issue with this tree, and many other the other trees in the grove, is that while some of the tree have vertical wood grain, going away from the base of the tree, other parts has wood grain that wraps around the branches of the tree. For trees, it does not matter which way the wood grain goes on the branches, only that all the grain on all the branches goes the same way.


Next up on the way to the final travesty of wood grain in this game was this sign. It pointed to the center of the town near the grove, which held most of the major wood grain offenders. But the sign itself was a major offender. The first issue with it was the support post for the sign, which had horizontal instead of the correct vertical wood grain. This is probably caused by the sign post and sign being unioned together. However, even if that does explain those issues, if the sign was already a union why is the arrow part of the sign a separate part with a different orientation for the wood grain? Why is it not all just one union? Who knows, probably laziness.


The next part of the journey though Wonderland Grove had some of the most concentrated examples of improper wood grain in any game I’ve every seen. And that is after the previous review was entirely made of improper wood grain I saw within the line of sight around a water well. The most noticeable, and frequent, issue that I saw throughout the town, were issues with the decorative detailing for the frame of the houses. Take this house, for example. Here the vertical supports are just fine, but the horizontal supports are incorrect.


Please ignore the texture clipping on the bottom of the window

However, this was not true for all of the houses. Others were much worse. Take this house, for example. Here most of the vertical and horizontal supports somehow had improper wood grain, aside for the single most left piece in the image.


Then we have other houses, such as this one, which has correct wood grain on the vertical pieces but incorrect wood grain on the horizontal pieces.


Ignore the floating window.

Now, some of you may wonder why I am making such a big deal out of explaining why each house is improper in different ways. The answer is just because it makes no sense. Usually when a builder has improper wood grain it is due to laziness, and you can see this in their builds. If they use a brick as a starting point, then all other bricks inherit that bricks orientations. Take chairs, for example. People start with the chair legs. If the chair legs have improper wood grain, when they clone and move the legs up to make the back or supports for the arm rests, it usually has the wood grain in the same direction. But here, it makes no sense. Why are some horizontal supports incorrect while others correct? Why do some horizontal supports share the same orientation as the vertical supports while others don’t? It just seems like some drugged monkey was randomly pressing buttons on a keyboard.

But enough with what doesn’t make sense. Lets go back to what does make sense, table legs. Or more specifically, table legs that have improper wood grain. Here is the most common mistake with take legs that I see, horizontal wood grain on the vertical legs. Although, thankfully, atleast the chair legs at the table are correct.


And while that is great for the chair and I am very happy that the chair will probably live a very long and happy life while supporting its family, this table in the next room, like the kitchen table, is likely to die due to improper wood grain on its legs, again with improper horizontal wood grain.


Next up in the very, very long line of improper examples of wood grain and Wonderland Grove is the door. It is mostly OK, but the biggest issue is with the horizontal members above and below the blue decorative diagonal supports. The issue here is these pieces should be a separate piece of wood, holding the door together, as currently they can easily snap when the door is slammed even slightly.


With most of the grove out of the way, there is just one more thing to look at: The traveling merchant person who puts the balls under the cups. The first issue I noticed was with the wheels on the wagon. Ignoring the fact that the entire wheel is just wrong, the spokes for the wheel were incorrect. The wood grain on the spokes should go from the central hub out towards the edge of the wheel.


And then, last up was the wagon itself. Honestly, it would probably be easier to just list what isn’t wrong here, so here I go with that:


And that is all of Wonderland grove. Yes, it was a lot to take in. And yes, this was all in one sub-world of the egg hunt. Just a single sub world. Out of 5 total subworlds. Each with another additional subworld.

This series of reviews will still continue long after the egg hunt is over.


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