WoodReviewer’s 2018 Advent Calendar Day 23

Hello uninterested advent calendar openers of Roblox who only read these blog posts but never look at the actual model, WoodReviewer here, and today is day 23 of my 2018 Advent Calendar, and really, take the model, I promise the actual model has stuff in it. Anyway, day 23 today, lets go right to the opening.

It is a toilet paper holder.

This is completely different from the paper tower holder earlier, because that held paper towers, while this holds toilet paper. Now some of you might wonder what exactly the differences are, and there aren’t any really, but I try to avoid giving the same gifts multiple times to take this and shut up.

One neat thing about the holder is the sides have a cutout so the roll holder can easily be removed, if this was real and the CSG physics didn’t completely bork the collisions on this.

So that’s day 23. If you think this is scraping the bottom of the barrel for disappointment, just wait. The barrel goes much deeper.

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