WoodReviewer’s 2018 Advent Calendar Day 24

Jolly holidays holiday celebrators of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for what is my favorite day of my advent calendar every year, day 24, and that stands true for my 2018 Advent Calendar as well. Why is day 24 my favorite, you might ask? Because it is the last day I have to do each year. Which may not make sense seeing as day 25 is still to come, but since I always have the final day prepared in advanced this is my last day I do time wise. But that aside, what is in day 24’s box that I still don’t have a proper name for?

Why a set of shelves of course.

“2 shelves, really?” Yes, really, and they are different. The first shelf was a single self, this one is 4. In addition, the first one was wall mounted, while this one can stand up on its own in the event that you don’t want it next to a wall. I know, this is a basic, but this makes it much more versatile than the other shelves. This is enough that I don’t consider the shelves to be copies, even though I named them the same, but hey, if you don’t want two shelves then feel free to return it.

Long and seemingly pointless rant about how this is totally not a duplicate item aside, this shelve is nice and solid, with thick sides and fairly strong shelves. It also continues my newfound aesthetic of cutting out supports from the sides of objects to allow them to supports themselves.

Yes, this is CSG so yes the physics are funky, even though they would be with meshes anyway, but I feel the sacrifice was worth it to not have me relearn all of my Blender shortcuts again for a stupid gift that will be forgotten about by tomorrow.

But speaking of tomorrow, be sure to return tomorrow for my final gift, which is honestly the biggest disappointment I’ve ever given away.

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