Dragons-Springs Rock

Hello fellow EBR hate club members, WoodReviewer here today for another look at one of the “amazing” showcases made by one of my top 5 favorite punching bags, the Elite Builders of Robloxia. Now unlike most of my EBR reviews that are me clicking on a random EBR member and then clicking on a random place of theirs that is guaranteed to have improper wood grain because EBR, today’s review was inspired by a follower of mine who goes by the handle @Roblox who requested I take a look at Spring’s Rock by AerialsAbove.

I tend to not do many requests for reviews since I actually have a backlog of like 15 reviews that are done and just need to be typed out since my limiting factor in producing blog posts is how to make reviews different and not all sound like the same word salad each time, but seeing as they don’t Tweet much I felt obligated to do a review for them. So, how was the same?

Well, it wasn’t as bad as most EBR games. That isn’t to say it was good, just that I didn’t instantly spawn into the map and see bad wood grain without moving. Instead, I actually had to walk around a bit. Not that far, as this fruit crate with an improper corner brace was like 30 studs for spawn, but hey, that’s like 20 studs and a bit more camera movement than most EBR games.

Moving on a bit farther from spawn, like a whole 60 studs this time, I found my second example of improper wood grain. It was, surprise surprise, improper wood grain on the legs of a table. Or more specifically in this case, the legs of a desk. I mean, it is an EBR game, of course the table legs are improper. And guess what else every EBR game also has?

Oh yeah, captions are a thing. The support for the self on top of the desk was also improper

Why improper wood grain on a crate, of course. Just the top of the crate this time, so it isn’t as bad as most crates that EBR makes, but still, EBR crate will EBR crate.

Moving on from the EBR basic building objects, what are the unique examples of improper wood grain here? Well, for one this bucket is wrong. Aside for the fact that is has large gaps in it halfway up the sides that make it very bad at holding water, the grain on these planks should be vertical. Although, the fact that aren’t vertical may explain why they are warping so much and make the bucket so trash.

Next up for the second to last example of improper wood grain for this review is the horizontal planks on this kind of ineffective wooden fence, since there are gaps in the fence where the steps are where people would actually trip and need a fence to stop them from falling into the water.

Last up for this review is this molding around a window. It should be vertical and wrap around the window, not go against it. Same for the half-arch on the wall next to it, which also has texture clipping.

And that is it for this review. Is it good? No. Is it bad? Yes. Terrible? Still yes. The worse I’ve seen? No, but again I literally needed to upgrade my hard drive after getting the images I needed for the 2018 Egg Hunt review. Still, it is above the average for most EBR games. Take that as an insult or complimint, either if you are in EBR or are AerialsAbove.

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