WoodReviewer’s 2019 Advent Calendar Day 18

Hello curios item openers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for day 18 of my 2019 Advent Calendar. There are now only 7 days of rambling and 7 more pointless gifts to go in this years calendar, but you already have 17 gifts, which is a lot of gifts. You need a lot of things to put these gifts in for storage. Like a storage box or something. I wonder what might be a good box to help store things in.

Well, do you know what a perfect gift would be?


Why yes, a stick is the perfect gift. But this is the year of no sticks, so a storage box it it.


Now, given my hate for poorly made crates, I’m sure some of you are wondering what differentiates this from a crate. To be honest, I don’t care.


This box does have a removable and unattached lid, so if you unanchor it and knock it over stuff will fall out of it. As if this calendar needs more physics items to make it unstable.


So yeah, a box, enjoy.

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