WoodReviewer’s 2019 Advent Calendar Day 19

Hello interested readers of silly blogs, WoodReviewer here for year day of my 2019 Calendar, an event that is truly historic since it will stop occurring after the 2025 edition of my Advent Calendar. And yes, I do enjoy playing the long game with stuff like this. Don’t believe me and just ask GollyGreg how easily I give up on things.

Anyway, day 19. It is behind the door.


…It is another door.


Now if I wasn’t feeling lazy I would have put something behind this door as another gift, but I can’t be bother with that at this point. But yeah, a door.


A fun fact about this door: I built it all as smooth plastic as a challenge and then converted it to wood after it was done, and the wood grain was correct. So if you say it is too hard, I can do it without trying.

(And yes, that included getting the union right)

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