WoodReviewer’s 2019 Advent Calendar Day 25

Merry Christmas wood grain lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with the final day of my 2019 Advent Calendar, Day 25. Aside from making the end of this years calendar, today also marks that day that this blog goes back into hibernation for the next year as I don’t make any blog posts out of a mix of laziness and due to a lack of good games to review due to them all either being all smooth plastic or taking 40 hours to review. Probably. Maybe. Or this year may see a new reign of terror start. But enough with that for now, onto the final gift in this year’s calendar. What will it be? A self-aggrandizing picture? Some overly complex gift? Maybe just a stick?

Well, I can say for certain it is not just a stick.


It is a stick inside of a protective pedestal for display.


“WoodReviewer, did you spend an hour making a display case just for a stick?”

No, I did not. I spent the last month making a display case just for a stick, as the theme for this years Advent Calendar was “no sticks” and this is not just a stick, but a display case. That happens to display a stick.


I mean sure, I did have another display case, but I planned for this one all along, and that was was only made because I ran out of ideas. Plus that one had a glass box, while this one has a super protective force field box that also holds the stick in mid-air, allowing for more enjoyment of the stick. I mean, just look at this stick.


Look at it. It is amazing. Have you ever seen anything to truly breathtaking as a piece of wood? Probably not based on how most of you have no idea how wood grain works, but as someone who spends their free time looking up examples of proper wood working and sometimes watches 12 hour time-lapses of building a Viking house with only period correct tools, I love it.

So until next year, look at this gift, and enjoy it, because no one else on Roblox will make wood grain as fine as this.




And no, I don’t have a problem.

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