No Trains-Pinewood Signal Box

Hello there interested train enthusiasts of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with an actual review of a new game. I know, a review of a game that I haven’t reviewed before that isn’t also just making fun of Strobe III. I think this will nearly double my review count for the year. But enough about me, what about the game? What game has piqued my interest enough that I felt the need to have to review it now, stopping everything else I’m doing in the process, after having spent the entire last month making a new review every day. What masterful piece of content could have woken me from my (metaphorical) slumber?

Why a railroad signal box, of course. Specifically Pinewood Signal Box by SetDefault1. While I am by no means a train fanatic, that doesn’t mean I don’t like trains. I have wasted dozen of hours of Google Earth and other satellite imagery sites looking over forgotten railroad paths, and have watched a 30 minute documentary on YouTube of someone walking a long-abandoned railroad in a part of England I’ve never heard of for no apparent reason. So all that, combined with all the attention this place has been getting on Twitter, is why I chose to review it.

So, how it it? Not bad, honestly.


The first thing I checked were the wooden ties on the track, and those were correct. Next up was the siding on the building and the stairs to get into it, but they were honestly just fine. So with no wood on the outside that was wrong, the next step was head up the stairs to the inside of the building.

The first thing I looked for when I got inside was for chairs and table. And the first chair I saw, this stool, was correct.


As was this table in the corner of the building.


And the sets of normal chairs scattered throughout.


I mean, I could be super petty and complain about the seat not being perfectly square, but I felt like it was close enough to be correct. Just like for this radio. Yes, under the rules of proper wood grain the pieces should go across the top of the radio, however the radio is only 2 or so studs wide. And it isn’t bearing any load, meaning it is purely decorative. So the fact it is small enough to be from a reasonably young tree and now have excessive forces on it means I’m OK with it.


There was also a bunch of small wooden plank things by the windows. In my opinion, they shouldn’t be made out of wooden planks since all the pieces are so small, but this is an issue for Roblox. Or atleast is for now until custom materials are introduced.


“So, WoodReviewer, you have been pretty positive so far, does that mean there isn’t any wrong wood grain here?”

What, you’d think that there would be a review of a showcase? Without any improper wood grain?


Now it is time to start the improper wood grain part of this blog with my old friend, Mr. Crate. Yes, crates, the thing no one can seem to get right. The issue here is with the diagonal piece of wood in the image. The wood grain should follow the direction of the board, going from my face to the corner of the image, not wrapping around the piece of wood.


The next issue is one that was in several small places around the map, but as the pieces of wood were all so small, it was a non-issue for me. You can see it on the piece of wood I’m standing on here. The end piece of the wooden planks part should have vertical wood grain so that the gaps in the ends line up with the gaps on the bottom/top of the board. This helps sell the illusion that the boards are individual parts, and not one piece of wood.


And finally, the last notable piece of bad wood grain I saw here was the bottom part of the fence infront of the building. The top two pieces of the fencing are correct, just the bottom one is wrong. This is actually useful as I don’t have to explain why it is wrong since you can clearly see the two top ones that are correct, and just the bottom part is wrong.


And that is all I have. No, I’m not sure why I made a review of a place you can in under 5 minutes a nearly 820 word review, but I felt like I had to to show how close the creator was to having a truly great game. Although, he can still fix it. People can fix their games after I review them.

That is kind of the entire point of these posts, to show where people mess up so they can fix it.


Please fix your wood grain.


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