Hello there Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and I am here today with a different type of blog post talking about current events. Normally I try and avoid this, as I don’t like to bring outside topics into my world of wood grain, and I have been sitting here staring at this blog post for two three four five hours now trying to decide if it really is a good idea to discus it, but my mind is now made up and I do have something to say.

In my life I was very fortunate to have a very safe and supportive upbringing. Not just from my family, but from my community; I grew up in a place a dozen people within walking distance from my home who my parents trusted and told me if I ever needed help, go to them. In addition my neighborhood was very friendly, and almost everyone knew each other just from seeing them out and about. In addition to this several of my friends growing up had parents who were either police officers, firefighters, or EMTs. My family also had several connections with police officers not just in my town, but in a city nearby. I grew up respecting not just them, but police officers as a whole. And because I knew them, and they had never done anything to question my trust

Compare this to a friend of mine. She did not have the best upbringing in life, and to be frank she hates cops. Not to the point of violence towards them, but to the point where if I give her a ride home I roll up my windows and turn my radio up just incase she decides to turn her quiet mumbling into loud yelling. I have never been able to quite get why she hates them, but she has absolutely zero trust for them with even simple things, even if they are just leaving her alone and are just in the same building as she is.

Personally, I have always considered her fear to be illogical and she should calm down. They aren’t spying on her at a gas station when she gets something to drink, they are just there to get a donut. They are not waiting for her to leave work to arrest her, her job is just in a busy part of town so that’s where the police are. I have tried for years to get her to see my point of view, but nothing works.

And after this week, I see hers.

Prior to this week there was always some defense. “Oh, it is just a bad apple in one department.”

“It is just one town that is having issues”

“They just following one bad leader”

But it is now clear that the problem is not an isolated incident. This is multiple almost identical incidents happening throughout the country, and is clearly the sign of a much deeper issues.

And just to make matters worse, no one in power seems to want to de-escalate this situation. The purpose of the original protests, the arrests of the offending officers who murdered George Floyd, were ignored until a dozen more examples of police brutality were demonstrated. And for each example of those new examples being addressed, a dozen more examples were created. President Trump himself seems uninterested in trying to help, instead encouraging more hounds to be released, bigger guns bought to a knife fight, and call for unity anywhere where it can actually matter.

People often ask me why wood grain; why not lighting, or GUIs, or something else, and the answer is that wood grain is definite. The rules of wood do not vary based on how you think something should look, based on feel, or anything else that is subjective. Wood grain is wood grain, and I can easily state what is correct, and what is wrong. I do not know what the correct way to handle these protests is, but I can say with a fair bit of certainty that the way they are currently being handled is the wrong way.

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  1. ass

    yeah this has been happening forever look at the massive amounts of ghettos and tell me a black person has not been killed if george floyd pisses them off they should look at the ghetto



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