Expected-RDC 2020

Hello there excited virtual RDC participants, WoodReviewer here, and today I am taking a look at the RDC 2020 virtual picture place thing. Honestly I wasn’t paying much attention to RDC this year because it was mainly built around Discord and honestly, I don’t really like Discord. There isn’t anything wrong with it really, I just get tired of talking to people after like 5 minutes and then leave with my social interaction quota met for the day and don’t come back for a week. And then to top it off Discord decided to stop sending me pings on Sunday so I kind of missed everything that went on that day, so there wasn’t really much for me to talk about for this RDC.

That is, until I saw the benches in the photo place.

Don’t see it yet?

How about now?

Yup, not much else to say really.

8 thoughts on “Expected-RDC 2020

  1. xXHypotheticXx

    Oh no oh god. the wood grain vertical. There is no way boards like that could realistically be cut from a tree unless it’s a California Redwood, but the color doesn’t match a California Redwood. I see what you mean.


  2. xXHypotheticXx

    Oof. Sorry for my stupidity. I just noticed that the wood grain is not vertical. The side grain doesn’t match the top grain. I am so stupid. I do see what is wrong with that image now.



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