WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 5

Hello there people with stuff, to say on Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 5 of my 2020 Advent Calendar. I really have nothing to say about what is in today’s box other than it is a sign of things to come. So, what is in today’s box?

Why a sign of course. I know, I hate that joke also.

But yeah, here is a sign. It can say stuff. Like “Hello There” or everyone’s favorite 2009 Roblox meme, Blame John.

Or if you want you can type complete gibberish in another language.

Of course, it would be super useful if you could also hold this sign. Unfortunately for you, I am too lazy to rig that up so it won’t happen. I’m sorry if you set your expectations too high, but that is your own fault.

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