WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 6

Hello there hungry food eaters of Roblox, WoodReviewer here again for day 6 of my 2020 Advent Calendar. To be honest this year’s calendar is flying by, partially because I actually prepared for the calendar this time, and partially because this is a year in which time has become meaningless as we exist in an empty void full of misery and suffering with only a few bright spot. And while some of you may think today has gone a bit towards the dark side, that is because today’s gift is the perfect gift to prepare you for 2020. What is it?

It is a toilet paper holder, with extra storage for more toilet paper.

“But WoodReviewer, isn’t it still dark to give a toilet paper holder in a year filled with massive hoarding of toilet paper?”

Excellent point, but this gift wasn’t made based on the fact there is a global pandemic, but because the McRib is back, and you will need a spare roll of toilet paper if you get one. Or five.

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