WoodReviewer’s 2020 Advent Calendar Day 15

Hello there tool lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 15 of my 2020 Advent Calendar. After today passes, there will only be 10 gifts left to open for this year’s calendar, which is good for everyone since you can stop wasting your time reading these posts and I can stop wasting time putting in more effort than I reasonable should making these posts. Anyway, what is today’s time waster?

Why a tool holder of course.

I mean, I was going to make it just an axe holder, but then I realized that some of you might be confused as to why someone would need a place to store 10 different axes. And to those of you asking who would need a place to store 10 different axes, hi, but this can also be used to store shovels and picks and any other number of gardening tools that consist of something attached to a pole.

Honestly, as far as tools go, this can hold pretty much anything besides post hole diggers, snow shovels with hand holds at the end, and saws. Still, two of these things should be able to hold most of your tools, and if not you can be like me and own 3 of them.

Plus about 30 wall-mounted tool holders.

And a secondary wall mounted tool holder.

Plus a secondary tool holder on your front porch for easy access to your most used tools during the summer and winter.

Plus the pile of tools that you really should get rid of but keep around in case you ever need to do something that will absolutely kill them that you keep in your shed.

Plus your grandfather’s antique tools that you keep in your attic that you always brag about how well built they are but never actually use them since he died way to early and they are the only things you have left to remember him by.

Anyway, enjoy today’s gift, I probably should start cleaning out my garage/shed soon.

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