What is a Vibe?-The Vibe Room

Hello there curious vibers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here to take a look at The Vibe Room by Auroan. Now, full disclaimer, as someone who is only moved forward in life by an unyielding rage and only gets stuff done by harnessing their seemingly infinite reserves of anger, I do not really vibe in the traditional sense. Instead I usually sit in my garage, sharpening my axes and knives as I get ready to use my anger to cut more firewood. But enough with my abnormal rage, time to get back to my rage at the improper wood grain in The Vibe Room. For starters, this piano has improper wood grain on the supports under the keys.

In addition to the leg supports, the details on the upper part of the piano are also incorrect, with the pieces having horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain for the vertical supports.

Next up on the list of things that have incorrect wood grain is my old friend, the wooden crate. Or in this case, the wooden crate that has improper wood grain on the vertical supports for the side of the wooden crate.

Moving nearby to the crate, we have this lounge chair.

The wood grain here is just terrible. The horizontal back supports are just completely wrong, with vertical wood grain instead of the correct horizontal wood grain that should span between the two sides of the chairs. In addition to this, the sides of the chair legs and frame are also incorrect, and should follow the back face of the frames and legs.

Next up, and the last part of the map, is a return of another old friend of mine, improper wood grain on bed legs.

However, this improper wood grain gets even worse, as not only do the legs have improper wood grain, but the horizontal front support for the bed also has improper vertical wood grain. So the vertical legs have horizontal wood grain, and the horizontal support has vertical wood grain.

And that is all from the Vibe Room. Maybe. By the looks of the thumbnail I think there was another room some where, but I didn’t want to spend more time looking for it. Anyway, that is all for this review, hopefully my next one won’t take another half year to make.

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