Animal Abuse-Zoo Tycoon

Hello there animal lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, with a look at a game that encourages you to trap animals in cages and no feed them, Zoo Tycoon, by Loaded Studios. No, this is not the same Zoo Tycoon that I reviewed back in 2018, which is now called Zoo Simulator, but rather another new zoo tycoon game. So with that confusion cleared up, lets see how wood grain has improved in zoo tycoons over the last 3 years on Roblox.

Well would you look at that, it still sucks.

How does it suck? Well, for this example of improper wood grain the texture on the front of this wooden plank support is incorrect, with the grain being horizontal instead of the correct vertical orientation.

Next up on this tour of improper wood grain is the supports for this sign. Same issue as above, with the vertical supports having horizontal wood grain instead of vertical grain, but in this case the end grain of the wooden boards that make up the sign are also incorrect.

This can be hard to explain, so here is a good example of it. For the planks on the left, the end grain does not connect between the top and bottom textures of the planks. For the example on the right, however, the end texture goes between the top and bottom textures, making it look more like the planks are individual pieces of wood, rather than some brick with a wooden plank texture on it.

I really should save that above image somewhere useful since it really helps explain what is wrong with most wooden planks. But speaking of wooden planks, more incorrect horizontal wooden planks on vertical supports yay.

Really, the incorrect horizontal wood grain on the vertical supports was the biggest issue with this game, also seen on these elevated seats as well.

And on these wooden fences around the elephant enclosure, which for one shouldn’t be wooden planks, and two should have vertical wood grain.

Same deal with the fencing supports around the horse enclosure.

And for the supports on the bridge over the crocodile enclosure, although the regular wooden texture is used here, instead of the wooden plank texture.

And that was most of the improper wood grain in the game. It may not seem like a lot, but considering each exhibit had one of the carrot stands, many had a sign, and most had the elevated viewing platform, you saw a bunch if bad wood grain repeated throughout the zoo by the end.

Still, it could be worse. Atleast the bench asset that was used like 50 times throughout the map has correct wood grain.

Or atleast some of the benches are correct, because for some reason half the benches have improper wood grain, while the other half do not.

In my many years of reviewing wood, in my hundreds of reviews, I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever seen an identical asset in a game, with half the copies featuring improper wood grain, and the other half having proper wood grain.

On the plus side for this last issue, they atleast don’t have to remake the benches to fix them, just get rid of the bad ones and replace them with the good ones.

2 thoughts on “Animal Abuse-Zoo Tycoon

  1. Avichick1234

    I am bored and i just decided to read this and i gotta say i am very impress with this entire woodreview, quite detailed and i appreciate that alot well done! -bystander



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