Bears-Zoo Tycoon

Hello animal lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today I am taking a look at Zoo Tycoon by Block Evolution Studios. One small thing to note is that by today I don’t actually mean today. I mean like 2 months ago. I forget why I reviewed this place, probably for an event or because it was featured, but for some reason I played though it, got all the images ready for the review, did my normal notes and stuff for a review, and then never did a review. Not sure why I did that, but I feel like it was because I was too busy with my advent calendar, but if I was too busy I’m not sure why I would play a tycoon for 8 hours to beat it and then not spend 45 minutes to write up the actual review. Despite the delay, I went back and double checked the game and it is still the same as when I did the initial set up for the review, so all seems good to make this review now.

So, how is the wood grain in Zoo Tycoon?


Well, bad. I mean, what do you expect honestly. Just look at this food shop, for example. It has improper wood grain on the underside of the upper edge of the service window. Much like 90% of the issues with wooden planks, the front face is correct. And the bottom face should follow the front face’s direction to also be correct.


Next up for the improper wooden planks is the next is the end texture for wooden planks. This occurs when the planks are less than one stud wide and the thin side of the planks has wood grain that goes perpendicular to the gaps in the boards on the other side, instead of being rotated 90 degrees and causing the gap in the planks to continue around the boards. This is a very strong theme in Zoo Tycoon, as it occurs in the bear pit.


And the vulture cage.


And this random diving board that existed because reasons.


And honestly, that covered the entire zoo part of Zoo Tycoon. There was a random house section of the game, because this was a tycoon and not a simulator, so there was a bit more improper wood grain there. Most noticeably was the bad wood grain on the front door, which should have had vertical wood grain.


And some improper wood grain on the side pieces of these wooden crates, along with the vertical brace on the inside of each corner. It has the incorrect horizontal wood grain instead of the proper vertical wood grain.


So, how was the game overall?

Not good. Not quite completely terrible, but slightly worse than trash. Overall, there wasn’t that much wood grain throughout the game, yet wherever there was wood grain it seemed to be improper. In addition, I have a feeling based on how the textures appear that a majority of these issues are caused by reckless unioning of models, which means the issues are hard to fix since the entire models have to be separated and reunioned to fix them. If they even can be fixed, as some of the models appeared to be impossible to fix to me. But hey, I never said people should use unions.


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