Big Boi-Climb the Giant Man

Hello there curious giant climbers of Roblox, WoodReveiwer here to take a look at Climb the Giant Man Obby by Terry Cavanagh. For those of you who are unaware of who Terry is, they are behind games such as Dicey Dungeons, Super Hexagon, and VVVVVV and are now getting involved with Roblox development. So with that introduction out of the way, how is the wood grain in Climb the Giant Man?

Well, not that good to be honest. Lets start with this small tree inside of the gift shop at the base of the Giant Man. For this tree, the main trunk of the tree has horizontal wood grain that wraps around the trunk, while the upper branches have vertical wood grain that extend from the base of the branch up to the leaves of the branch.

Unfortunately, one bad thing about Giant Man is that is does contain free models in it so it can be hard to decide who exactly to place blame on for the issues with the wood grain in the place, unless you are like me and just blame everyone involved. Luckily, Terry is a professional and has provided a source for all the free models used in Giant Man so I can accurately blame the correct person.

Although in this case there is a bit of confusion as multiple tree models are used, with Wubcakes123 and Quenty both making one, and seeing as Wubcakes seems to be inactive, I’m going to blame this tree on Quenty.

Next up on my tour of Giant Man was this second tree, which despite having sand instead of wood as the material for the bark of the tree. Based on the proper wood grain on this tree and my familiarity with Quenty’s building style, I am fairly confident this tree was the one made by Wubcakes123, so good job Wubcakes.

Next up on the climb up Giant Man was first real use of improper wood grain on this zip line that some how went up hill at a 45 degree angle. Anyway, the wood grain on the main supports for post on this zipline were incorrect, with horizontal grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain. However, I don’t see any credits for this zipline, so I assume that Terry made it themselves. That or Quenty also made it since they like physics based stuff.

Continuing up the Giant Man, the next issue I saw was with the posts on this sign. Again, this sign should have vertical wood grain along the support post and IMO shouldn’t have wooden planks used as the texture for the vertical support because that is now how planks work, but I digress on that second point.

Also the sign board is made out of 2 pieces of wood for some reason

Anyway, if anyone is confused here is a similar sign from my 2020 Advent Calendar, which shows the proper orientation on a post. No credit was given for this sign, but I’ve seen Quenty make signs like this before, so based on that I’m guessing it is either a Terry original or something by Quenty.

The last major piece of bad wood grain I saw on Giant Man was this poorly made picnic table. Based on the diagonal supports for the table yet the purely horizontal orientation of the wood grain, my guess is that when the legs for the table were unioned the base part that was selection that decided the orientation. No credit was given for this picnic table, but this also looks like something Quenty would make and publish to free models, so I blame this on them also.

For a proper example of what this bench should like like, I present another model from my 2020 Advent Calendar, a Picnic Table, with diagonal table legs and the correct diagonal wood grain orientation.

And that is all the bad wood grain for Climb the Giant Man. Overall it was pretty bad, but based on the fact that it was Terry’s first game that was a silly obby, not bad considering EBR members making showcases since wood grain came out in 2009 still don’t know how wood grain works. I mean, Quenty has been a contractor before for Roblox and still has bad wood grain in all their models featured here.

And with that, this review is done. However, before I go I do leave you with one question:

Why is this wooden hot tub not made with wood?

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