Amusing-2018 Egg Hunt Part 12

Hello there disappointed egg hunters of Roblox, WoodReviewer is here, and considering that August starts this weekend, I think I can say with a fair bit of confidence that Roblox is now going to be having an egg hunt this year, and with that, I will be unable to give a review of the non-existent egg hunt. However, don’t let the fact that there won’t be an egg hunt review disappoint you, because there will in fact be a review. Not of this years egg hunt, or 2020’s egg hunt. Or even 2019’s egg hunt. But rather part 12 of my review of the 2018 Egg Hunt, the Great Yolktales.

Now at this point I’m sure some of you are asking “WoodReviewer, isn’t it a bit excessive to have 12 blog posts on the wood grain in a single game?”

My answer to that is firstly, no, it is not 12 blog posts on a single game. Just 12 blog posts so far on a single game. Secondly, the fact I can even fill 12 blog posts on a single game just goes to show how little people cared about the wood grain in the game. Anyway, enough with the intro, lets start with the bad wood grain, this time in a brand new world, the Festival of Eggs.

To start this review off, lets begin with the biggest no-no anyone can make with wood grain, and that is using wooden trusses. To put it simply, there is no way to use wooden trusses in a way that causes them to have proper wood grain. None, the way the UV works on trusses makes it so they can never have proper wood grain, so just stop using them.

Moving on through the world, the next bit of bad wood grain I saw was on this wooden arch thing. The problem here is that the arch is a single mesh (or more likely an union since this was back when everyone loved to abuse unions more than meshes) are have a single orientation for the entire face of an object. But because the face is static even though the arch bends, the wood grain does not follow the curve of the arch, creating vertical wood grain at the top of the arch that should be horizontal.

Next up in this world was this “Test your Strength” bell game. The issue here is much simple than the arch: The vertical section in the middle of the game should have vertical wood grain, that goes from the base of the tower up to the top of the tower, not from one side to the other side of the tower.

Continuing on through the map, the next issue was with these crates that were hung below floating balloons. The issues here is that the vertical and diagonal supports on the crates did now have proper wood grain. The grain on these segments should follow the orientation of the wood, so the diagonal pieces should have diagonal grain, and vertical segments should have vertical wood grain.

Next up in this world was some fairly basic improper wood grain issues, with these railing posts and the railings themselves all having improper wood grain on them. This is something that is fairly hard to fix since both the railings and posts are made with meshes and there isn’t really an easy way to re-upload dozens of meshes/remake dozens of unions, but hey, I guess that is the idiot tax for not giving them the correct wood grain initially. The wooden planks are also a slight issue, but seeing as how they are more than one stud thick I believe their current orientation is acceptable.

Next up is more of the same, with some more unioned/meshed fence posts that have improper horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.

Continuing on, the next issue I saw in this level was with these diagonal supports posts behind some signs. Here the orientation is correct on the back most facing face of the diagonal support, just the face that is facing the camera is incorrect. Unlike the above issues, this is most likely a quick an easy fix. Unless someone decided to do something stupid with unions or meshes, in which case the fix isn’t quite that easy.

The last two issues I saw in this world were both related to wooden planks. The first one was the large vertical support beam. Personally if I were to make this beam I would have used regular wood instead of wooden planks, but in either case the wood grain here should be vertical, not horizontal, on the beam.

And the the last example of improper wood grain in this level was on the top the wooden circus ring, because this level had a circus for some reason. Anyway, the real issue here is that the top face of the boards go from front to back, relative to myself and the camera. Ideally they should follow the curve of the ring, much like the arch from earlier.

And with that, part 12 of my look at the 2018 Egg Hunt is now complete. While yes, this part was a bit shorter than the average post on this egg hunt, you also must remember that this is part 12. Of atleast 18. Maybe more. And if you are wondering if the wood grain in the egg hunt is any good, remember this is part 12 of my review. No, it is not good. A review of a single game shouldn’t take more than 12 parts. Anyway, that is all for this year, come back for the next cancelled holiday game where I will continue my look at this egg hunt using more 3 year old screenshots.

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