WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 9

Hello there fellow Roblox users during a site outage, WoodReviewer here for day 9 of my 2021 Advent Calendar. Kind of. You see, no matter how far ahead I am in terms of making gifts for the calendar, my blog posts for the calendar and actual calendar are updated daily. And Roblox is down so I can’t get into studio to update my calendar or get images for it. So instead of today’s actual gift, you are getting my artistic interpretation of what my gift is. So, what it today’s gift?

Why it is a chair.

You can’t really tell from this image, but the chair is different from my usual chairs because the chair slats and and stretchers are round rods instead of my usual blocky parts. Here is a better view of it.

Well, not better in terms of looking good, but I want to try and keep the format of my blog posts consistent. Anyway, here is the obligatory image of my avatar sitting in the chair to indicate that the chair has a seat included so it can, you know, be used as a chair.

Yes, I am really that bad of an artist that these are the best images I could make on such short notice. Just remember, the person that made these images is better than the best graphic designers on Roblox at making items with proper wood grain, that is how easy it is.

Anyway, sorry for these eyesores. If you are interested in seeing the actual gift for today, come back tomorrow and I’ll include some bonus images of my chair in that blog post. Or open the calendar in studio and see it as intended. Your choice.

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