WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 13

Hello there unlucky Roblox devs who like to procrastinate just to have Roblox go down when you need to do stuff, WoodReviewer here, and I really need to start getting these posts ready ahead of time since Roblox likes to go down as I publish them. Luckily it seems the site is mostly back online now, so day 13 of my 2021 Advent Calendar is out now, which is a good thing since I really didn’t want to hand draw another day of advent since those 4 drawings last week took longer than almost any of the actual gifts have taken to make. So, what is today’s quickly made gift?

It is a picture case. Display case. Flag holder? I’m not sure what to call it, but it is something that can hold an image behind glass.

That really all there is to it, a brick to hold an image, 4 pieces of trim, a piece of glass, and some wood paneling backing. The only slightly interesting thing is the cornering stuff I do on the trim pieces, but even that isn’t super impressive.

And well, that is all for today. Not much to say since this was rushed really badly, but hopefully tomorrows post will be better.

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