WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 14

Hello there music listeners of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with day 14 of my 2021 Advent Calendar. This years advent calendar is proceeding very quickly, so much so that there are only 2 more days until all the small boxes are done with the calendar and all that is left is the big disappointment with the oversized boxes in the top row. So, what is today’s gift?

It is a CD holder. Now, it just occurred to me as I was writing this that I am dating myself a bit with the fact that when I was younger every family had a massive rack to hold all of their CDs instead of just downloading 1 million songs to their iPod, which also dates myself since no one owns an iPod anymore and just streams everything to their phone, but trust me youngsters, every family in America used to have a massive rack somewhere in their house filled with dozens of CDs they probably listened to once and a pile of 10 CD cases with mix-and-matched CDs right next to their CD player that they actually listened to.

Tangent aside, this is the CD holder. It is a fairly basic one, with 2 horizontal supports to hold the CDs vertically and a wooden slider to keep the CDs from falling over sideways.

The sliders are fully rigged to work if you actually want to hold CDs without any welds, although I’m pretty sure if you try and put hundreds of small CD models on this shelf and rely on Roblox physics to hold them in place Arseny will come and murder you in your sleep with how stupid of an idea that is.

But I am not the reviewer of stupid, just wood grain, so if you want to crash Roblox by putting hundreds of bricks on this rack go ahead and have fun.

Just don’t mess with the wood grain.

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