WoodReviewer’s 2021 Advent Calendar Day 25

Hello there gifts lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with the final day of my 2021 Advent Calendar, day 25. Yes, my advent calendar is done for another year and honestly, the quality of this years calendar is probably the best yet. Granted it isn’t good, but when some of my advent calendars in the past had days with nothing in them, I think this years is better. So with the quality of this years calendar at an all-time high, what am I giving to try and end this years calendar on a high note?

Why a crate. More specifically, a crate texture that you can apply to models.

Now I have given out crate textures before, in 2016 to be exact, but the wood texture has been updated since then, so it only seems fair to update it with the times so that it has the new wooden texture included.

One good thing about this texture is that if you have say a wall of crates, on top of the performance improvement you get from using a part and texture to represent one crate, you can have the part and texture expanded to represent multiple crates.

Or if you want, you can have a stack of crates and weld them together, and add the texture on top of the union. Granted I believe that it would still be better to have a dozen or so parts instead of a single union, I imagine there is a point where unioning a stake of crates together would see a performance improvement over a bunch of small crates. As an example, the next image is a single union.

“So WoodReviewer, that is your big end-of-calendar prize? A crate texture?”

No, of course not. I would never end off a calendar on such a simple thing. You see, in addition to that wooden crate texture, I have a second texture based on the new wooden planks texture. Exciting, I know.

Granted since the new wood and wooden plank textures look much more similar than they have before the difference in the texture isn’t too great, but it is still some variance which you might find useful. Of course one more thing that you may want with your wooden crate texture is the ability to remove the cross section in the middle of the texture. Or maybe only have the diagonal support only going in one direction. And if you are that person, you are in luck, as I have included that in this years gift also.

You not only get your choice of a cross section or no cross section, but a right and left diagonal. Available in both wood and wooden planks, which bring the total number of possible crates up to 8. Of course, while these looks are good, one issue with these textures are that I did upload them in the maximum 1024×1024 for the best possible quality for the calendar, and 1024×1024 may not the the quality that you want them for in your game if you want to improve performance. But don’t worry, as I thought of that, and included the textures for the crates not just in 1024×1024, but also in 512×512. And 256×256. And for those who really want your game to run well, a 128×128 version also.

And honestly, while initially I was debating including these, in the 512×512’s crates quality is almost indistinguishable from the 1024×1024’s quality, and even the 256×256’s crates texture is fairly good unless you are looking right at it. And the 128’s quality, while noticeably worse than the rest, does have noticeable performance improvements, with the file size being about a fourth the size of the 256×256’s size, between 5-10% the size of the 512×512’s texture, and just a tiny fraction of the size of the full 1024×1024 texture. Meaning unlike most of the other gifts in this calendar, Arseny won’t beat you in your sleep for using it in your game.

So that brings the total number of textures in today’s gift up to 32, and each is fully-customizable, color wise. But some of you might be wondering how do you recolor the textures? Is it based on the brick color, or the texture color? Well I have some good news for you, as through the magic of having way too much free time on my hands, I have uploaded a version of all 32 of the above textures so you can change the color either with the texture color of the brick color.

As you can see above, both are the same textures, with same brick and color texture set, but the one on the left has a transparent background texture, meaning the brick color and material go through, while the one on the right has a white background color, so all you see in the texture. This means the color for the texture on the left is set by brick color, and the one on the right is set by the texture color. This also brings up the total number of unique textures in today’s gift up to a nice and even 64 textures.

With 64 different textures, the obvious issue is that it may be hard to find what you want if you are lazy like Asimo and never rename or parts and insert everything as a texture without changing its name. Luckily for all of you I am not lazy, and renamed both the bricks name and all of the textures names to properly represent what they are.

Now some of you might be a bit confused by this naming convention, but it is simple really. It is texture_diagaonal support_color type_texture size. So Planks_Both_Block_1024, for example, if the wooden planks texture, with the cross beam cross, with the color being based on the color of the brick, and the texture size is 1024×1024. Or for another example, Wood_None_Texture_256 is made with the regular wood texture, has no cross beam, the color of the crate is based on the texture color, and the size of the texture is 256×256. Simple once you get to know it. And now, with all of the textures out there, this is the true final form for this years gift, 64 wooden crate textures in all their glory.

Yeah, probably not the best to have these block scattered like that, but don’t worry, at some point this week I’ll upload a stand alone version of these textures so they aren’t all clumped into a corner together since honeslty these crates might be the most useful gift I have ever given in an advent calendar. Granted not a high bar, but someone will probably find them useful.

But just as the crates are finished, so is this years advent calendar. I know the format for these may be getting a bit old, as this years calendar is the fifth version of my advent calendar, and apart from some minor changes, all the calendars are mostly the same. And while this format works, there are only so many chairs I can make, and quite simply I am running out of gift ideas, to the point where it takes longer to think of something to make than to make it most days. Plus it takes up a massive chunk of my time for a good portion of November, and most of December, and I just can’t justify that time sink any more while putting out what is probably a sub-part advent calendar. So for all of you that have enjoyed these advent calendars over the last five years, I am sorry, but this is that last year for this type of advent calendar.

But don’t worry, the advent calendar will be back next year, just in a very different way. Until then, stay safe, and please user proper wood grain.

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